Monday, September 05, 2016


This clip is going as viral as whatever it is Hillary is suffering from:

There's frustration apparent in Kaine's claps after the koffing attack begins (see 53 seconds in, specifically). His is an intensity almost to the point of being violent. He doth protest too much. He knows she's not well.

Imagine if she's hit with one of these fits during the debates. Trump will interject in the midst of her coughing fit with something like, "She's unfit to be president, literally. I've said for a long time--and many other people have said--she doesn't have the strength or the stamina to be president. You see this, folks? She needs to go take a nap. Who thinks we should stop this debate so she can go take a nap?"

He's been well aware of Hillary's health problems for months if not years. Here he is talking about it long before the Iowa caucuses took place:

No wonder he doesn't go in heavy on media consultants. His instincts about people are extraordinary. When he was weighing the sobriquets "heartless Hillary" and "crooked Hillary", most people favored the former, an alliteration that flowed more easily off the tongue.

But Trump correctly gauged how vulnerable the most corrupt politician of our lifetime would be to the charge of being crooked. He stuck her with that angon months ago and we're now watching her slowly bleed to death from the wound. Hillary's lack of strength and stamina is another Trump spear stuck in Hillary's hide. The hildebeest is in trouble.


Giovanni Dannato said...

I wrote off this talk of illness as conspiracy theories as usual. But this last incident is impossible to ignore. She's had the same horrible-sounding cough all year and now she breaks down on stage in spite of being well-rested and having access to medical care the average peon could only dream of. It was believable that maybe she was staying out of sight to play it safe and ride out the clock for an easy win, but now it's past labor day and the race is nearly tied.
From now on there will be doubts and on election day even her fans will wonder how they feel about president Kaine, or simply having her handlers govern the country in all but name.
"Hillary's lack of strength and stamina is another Trump spear stuck in Hillary's hide."
I like to imagine her as a whale that gets a new harpoon in her every time she comes up for breath. The kind that have the air bladders attached to them, making it progressively harder to stay submerged.
Everyone is watching her closely for signs of ill health now. The more she coughs, the less she campaigns, the worse speculation gets. If she does a few events a week while Trump does a few events a day she'll keep losing ground.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, there could potentially be even more crow to eat here than there was with Trump's successful upset in the GOP primaries. It's staggering just how wrong the punditry class has been about this entire presidential election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Among "likely voters," Hillary's health and crookedness has zero effect. The other day one of her white liberal supporters told me she will have his vote even if she dies before the election.

Audacious Epigone said...


So you've seen a man who says he's going to enthusiastically vote for Hillary, too? Yikes, thought I was unique in that regard because it took so long for it to happen to me.

Giovanni Dannato said...

speaking of pundits, I remember when you were writing about Nate Silver's tantrums during primary season. All that talk of just going by the numbers goes out the window when identity and allegiance comes into play.
Actually, he mostly did his job but all his assumptions were based on past elections and he categorically refused to acknowledge overwhelming signs something different was going on. Past information doesn't deal well with black swans and right now we have a whole flock of them. Oh well, bean counters like rules and aren't known for being adaptable. Taleb himself pretty much says that's why "experts" always fall on their asses when it matters most.
I know several men who are planning to vote for Hillary, not that unusual with a college degree or upper middle class aspirations. What the working class likes, the stodgy middle classes avoid with puritanical frowns.

The people you're talking about are a candidate's base, they're not going anywhere even if they have to vote for a corpse. But some people can be persuaded. I'm thinking most people on the fence are going to be a bit worried voting in someone who's clearly sick. More importantly, a frail, fading Hillary is unintentionally a perfect metaphor for the cause she represents and a vital, vigorous Trump her perfect contrast.
It has a subconscious pull on the multitude. Nixon was perceived to lose to Kennedy on TV over far less.
As Mr. Plinkett likes to say, "You didn't notice, but your brain did."

Anonymous said...

That wasn't the point, AE. My point was among "likely voters" minds are made up. It's the "unlikely white voter" that matters. You have an article up about this, a very good one I've done my best to disseminate and emulate in my own stuff on the Net, at work, and among neighbors. Trump hasn't ground game - you know it, I know it, everybody here knows it, my neighbors know it. We also know (whether or not we admit it) that the "unlikely voters" most likely to vote are older (40+) and not into social media. These people were bound to be negatively effected by the anti-Trump crusade by the "old school" reality that is reflected by zero yard signs for Trump, zero bumper stickers for Trump, ass beatings for Trump, unemployment for Trump, social ostracism/blacklisting for Trump, and on and on - and they have been! Trump's campaign has ignored unlikely white voters in favor of unlikely Americanized African, native Indian, and mestizo voters.

Anonymous said...

Look, AE, the Trump campaign had more than a year to organize cells averaging 50 Trumpeters per county. With 3,000 USA counties that comes to at least 150,000 people. The campaign could have easily had 150,000 political soldiers across the entire nation. They could have recruited these people at Trump’s huge, innumerable, local political rallies.

Trump's game of "media jiu jitsu" has had obvious limitations. Imagine what a nationwide campaign comprised of 150,000 political soldiers might have accomplished at local levels to bypass the MSM and lessen the detrimental, nationwide effect of "Battered Conservative Syndrome":

(1) 10,000 LED-lit, trailer-mounted signs pulled by pickup trucks on freeways and highways across America.

(2) Static panel truck and semi-trailers with removable, magnetic or cloth signs parked everywhere and moved every few hours.

(3) Banners held across freeway overpasses during rush hour.

(4) An air force of single engine airplanes pulling "Trump/Pence 2016" across the sky at public events.

(5) Attractive searchlight displays illuminating the location of rallies in smaller, Trump-friendly cities across red states.

(6) Door-to-door canvassing and literature distributions in mostly white enclaves, old age homes, and working-class venues, organizing and encouraging these people to turn out.

The only way to win an election that might otherwise be stolen is through massive voter turn-out. I know "likely voters" who will vote Clinton, dead or alive, despite her health or ethics. I know lots of "unlikely white voters" who won't bother to vote Trump because in their minds there is no tangible evidence that he could possibly win. The above ideas could have gone a long way to ameliorate that situation.

Audacious Epigone said...


Right, the ground game has never been there. It could've been hastily implemented but it wasn't. Part of the reason is because Trump initially didn't think he had much of a chance--which is emphatically different than not wanting to win, of which he is incorrectly accused--and didn't do the requisite logistical work on the front end.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

Giovanni Dannato said...

>>'m thinking most people on the fence are going to be a bit worried voting in someone who's clearly sick.

Those who are still undecided after Labor Day won't vote.

We are in an change election based on identity.

Party colors count more than candidates, and in a change election the biggest outsider candidate of the party not holding the Presdiency wins.

It's baked into the cake.

The issue is that Hillary is doing far worse than a generic Democratic candidate.

This will be killer down balloit in a lot of places.