Sunday, September 18, 2016

Deportation more popular than Trump is

The latest Reuters-Ipsos results from a poll asking respondents what should be done about illegal immigrants in the US. Among likely general election voters, the breakdown is as follows:

An outright majority--52.7%--prefers either that "all should be deported" or "most should be deported, with some exceptions". Back out the 8.2% who are "unsure" and we get all/most deported beating few/none deported by a 57.4%-42.6% margin. If Trump wins by half that margin in November we'll have the electoral Trumpslide Vox Day has been predicting.

The self-important cuckservatives who lament the rise of Trump have no one but themselves to blame for being such willing accomplices in the demographic transformation that has infected the West.

The Alt-Right is the Occident's latent immune system response to an infection that may yet prove fatal. It is up to us to ensure that its ascendancy is not too little, too late.


Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to see the gender breakdown.

Black Death said...

BTW, did you see where an illegal immigrant tried to shoot Donald Trump?

Audacious Epigone said...


Men are more restrictionist and also more pro-Trump than women are.

Black Death,

I remember hearing about that over the summer but lost track of it. It seems like he'd be a good polemical poster boy for the dangers of illegal immigration as far as winning over cuckservatives go since he's white. I'd rather Trump not do that, though, so I'm glad he hasn't thus far.

Anonymous said...

Over at Scott Adams blog, when he was pontificating about Trump's persuasion abilities and hypnomatic skills, I posted that:

Trump stumbled upon illegal immigration restriction and he bloomed. He has run for president (or tried to) before and his supposidly magical skills did not make anything happen. He tried the birther angle, nichts. Then he said something about controlling our borders and suddenly he was a skilled politician.

I think it is simple, the people want the country to be for them. The elites think the country exists to restrain the evil inclinations ofthe average American.

Audacious Epigone said...


Great point. It's possible to underestimate the importance of Trump's alpha frame control, charisma, and self-confidence in explaining his climb to the top, but it's at least as easy to overestimate it. Immigration restriction is a populist issue, a $100 bill on the ground that no prominent politicians will pick up because the puppet masters don't want them to. Trump, beholden to no one, was able to capitalize on the opportunity and now his supporters are fiercely loyal as a consequence.