Monday, September 26, 2016

Deplorable omission

Trump missed a huge opportunity with the "basket of deplorables" comment. Of course the house slave Lester Holt--who doesn't want to end up as dead as Ron Brown--wasn't going to ask Hillary Clinton any challenging questions, but Trump should've known ahead of time that he had to take the initiative.

"You said half my supporters were a 'basket of deplorables'. Are you saying a quarter of the country you're prepared to lead is deplorable?"

It was so easy. There is no possible answer she could've given that would've lessened the damage that question would've wrought.

Nothing on immigration, Benghazi, Hillary's rape enabling, and only a veiled reference to her health issues with "stamina". Tons of missed opportunities.


pithom said...

Trump should have said "u calling the police racist???". Also, expressed some powerful positive reasons 2 vote for him, not just reject status quo.

chris said...

He should have been more aggressive on her corruption and hypocrisy and she was better at (re)framing her ideological talking points than him.

But I would still say Trump didn't lose, he just did not win. Hillary is that bad a candidate that it would be impossible to lose against her without making some massive fumble/error.

Cicatrizatic said...

Lots of missed opportunities. Disappointing, but there are two more of them.

Both Gravis and People's Pundit Daily had similar results from their poll: Clinton narrowly wins when respondents are asked "who won the debate", but among undecideds, a few percent say they are more likely to vote Trump now, and none of the undecideds indicate they are more likely to vote Clinton. So I don't think this debate does anything to arrest the general direction/momentum of the election.

In the next 10 days, we'll get to see whether Wikileaks really has something or not. It's of course possible that they don't, but I don't think Assange has much long term incentive to falsely claim that he has information to release, as it would permanently damage his brand if it turns out to be bluster. He previously said that they would likely release it in batches. If true, I can't imagine why you wouldn't release at least one batch before the next debate (October 9). I'd look for something to be released between Monday and Friday of next week.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, and when she started talking about his comments about women, he should've used the obvious "Do you still beat your wife?" question that was waiting for him--"Hillary, how many women have you intimidated into silence to protect your husband's sexual predation?" The question forces the media to talk about the subject, and Hillary's answer of "none" lets Trump say, "Sure, sure. So Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick and all the others were just making it all up? Okay Hillary."

Agree with the assessment. Hillary's horrible to look at and to hear, just aesthetically awful all around. The more intimate face time the electorate has with her, the less attractive (electorally and otherwise!) she becomes.


He has to be prepared for the next two. Early voting is already taking place and the subsequent debates won't be as watched as this one was. Saving the best for last doesn't make sense on this timeline.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

Audacious Epigone

Presidential debates are not and have never been about "debating."

They are a visual/auditory try out of an individual candidate in the American voter's gut.

Trump's decades old media image brand and the America media's June 2015 to date presidential campaign media image of Trump clashed...and Trump's decades old media brand was reinforced.

Since more people in America believe in "Bigfoot" than believe Hillary is telling the truth, that matters a great deal.

Trump is the "Change candidate" in a "Change election."

This debate left that election dynamic in place.

Game over.