Monday, August 08, 2016

Get stitched, snitch

The alleged epidemic of police brutality against black bodies sweeping through the nation's urban cores aside, the tendency for blacks not to cooperate with the cops is nothing new.

In the 1984 iteration of the survey, the GSS asked respondents if they would feel obligated to report a crime they witnessed occurring.

The percentages, by race, who felt doing so to be "very important" (n = 1,442):

White -- 91.6%
Black -- 77.9%
Other -- 86.9%

One of the many reasons unsolved murders are disproportionately black murders.

GSS variables used: OB911, RACE


Anonymous said...

Our local paper did a story recently about the no snitching policy of certain particular neighborhoods.

Audacious Epigone said...


On Twitter someone wondered if the refusal to report criminal activity translates into an underreporting of black crime, both in terms of the number of perps and victims since roughly half of black crime is interracial.

It seems plausible that it would. On the other hand, not reporting a crime to the police might not translate into not reporting it for the purposes of the Uniform Crime Report so I'm not sure.

expeedee said...

Having served thirty years in law enforcement in a large American city, I can certainly attest to the fact that a substantial portion of crime is not reported for a variety of reasons, including apathy and crimes committed against people involved in criminal activity. Unreported crime is more common in high-crime areas, which certainly results in the skewing of crime statistics.

By far the worst problem is the reluctance of witnesses to come forward, and particularly for witnesses to testify, especially in homicide cases. There is so much intimidation in the black community that this reluctance to cooperate with law enforcement has rendered these communities into lawless wastelands. Admittedly, part of the problem is the failure of law enforcement to adequately protect witnesses, but then that's another issue. I am not optimistic however about this situation turning around anytime soon as Black Lives Matters only discourages any cooperation with law enforcement. Not a good situation.