Thursday, August 18, 2016

Conservative is a race relative term, too

Again, what isn't?

How self-identified political conservatives voted in the 2012 presidential election, by race:

Sample sizes are 469, 57, and 41, respectively.

"Blacks and Hispanics are natural conservatives, we just need to communicate our message to them more effectively," clucks the cuck. If increasing the ranks of NAM conservatives is the Paul Ryan-led GOPe strategy for electoral success, well, we can see how electorally unsuccessful that will be.

It's the Sailer Strategy or it's political--and civilizational--suicide. Ours is truly a time for choosing.

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1)(2), HISPANIC(2-98), POLVIEWS(5-7), PRES12(1-2)


Thursday said...

Lefty blacks vote for the Democrats for left wing reasons.

Conservative blacks vote for the Democrats for black nationalist reasons.

Anonymous said...

You have called blacks the most monolithic group in America. So they are.

Dan said...

I think this is the most important chart in American politics because it shows the coming end of the 2 party system.

What is extra disheartening is the fact that the left also dominates the media, and the courts. How unfair can the playing field be?

Worse, democracy gives legitimacy to whatever repressions the left has in store for the right.

Audacious Epigone said...


Or the solidification of the GOP into the de facto white party and the Democrats into the almost explicitly non-white party. We have to be getting close to the point where that split starts being reflected in major media. Trump supporters kinda sorta begrudgingly had outlets like the WSJ and Fox News because at least they seemed to share common foes but there's a new force on the horizon and it will correspondingly have its own media representation. Breitbart is at the forefront but there will be others, there almost has to be.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Hillary Clinton is the last white Democratic presidential candidate for sure. If it wasn't "her turn", we would almost definitely see someone like Julian Castro or Cory Booker running as President.

As smug and soi disant intellectuals the SWPL whites are, it seems like they will be the last ones to know that they are no longer welcome in the Democratic party. What are the odds that in the future, white people, specifically white men, will be blocked from running for political office as a Democrat? If it came down to a white guy vs. a black woman, would Democrats try to dump the white guy by default and throw all their support to a black woman? Definitely seems possible if not probable in future election cycles. SWPLs will claim to be fine with the decision at first but once they see that they can no longer run as a dog catcher if a non-white wants to run, that they will slowly but noticeably slink away from Democrats and go to the Republicans. Working class white people, as maligned as they are, picked up on the fact early on that they're no longer welcome in the Democratic party, even though their family has been card carrying Democrats since their great-great-great grandfather came to New York from Ireland in 1870.

White elites are okay with the growing minority population as long as they still hold power but these minorities will be empowered enough to begin asking to play a larger and larger role behind the scenes. When that happens, it will be a rude awakening to see how people really think of them, including their non-white "friends" who they thought they were cool with and spent their lives trying to convince that they were one of the "good ones".

Vermil John said...
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Dan said...

In retrospect something doesn't add up in this chart.

Romney got 6% of the black vote.

I assume that his share among black conservatives would have had to be considerably higher.

Msybe this is just due to small sample size?

Kevin Dillon said...

Self-reported, exit polling data. Meh. “The urge to believe is great in you, young one.”