Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alt-Right: Thanks Hillary!

Google search volumes over the last year:

The Alt-Right hadn't even been seriously addressed by major media prior to Hillary's speech spotlighting it. All those people who've launched the term into the stratosphere will, if they move beyond the headlines of the last couple of days will find members of the Alt-Right where they are. The perspectives they'll get will be Richard Spencer's, John Derbyshire's, Steve Sailer's, and Vox Day's, not BuzzFeed's sophomoric misrepresentation of their perspectives.

Team Hillary is dumping gasoline on the Alt-Right fire.

In the short run, it probably makes sense tactically. Fear is a major--probably the primary--electoral motivator. It's why Trump is wise to focus on the security angle of Muslim immigration into the West rather than the social, cultural and biological incompatibilities even though these are all far more consequential. It's also why Hillary has stopped talking about her qualifications and started talking non-stop about how a president Trump will blow up the world.

But the amount of time remaining before the Alt-Right replaces the Respectable Right just got a lot shorter. We are where the energy is, the innovation is, the fight is. Our momentum will continue to grow in response to this wailing and gnashing of teeth from the top of the political pyramid.

We're also where the youthful dissidence is. To support Hillary is to fellate the System. To wear a red hat is to give that System the middle finger.


IHTG said...

Too bad this happens just when a collective decision appears to have been reached to purge anybody who isn't a Nazi from the movement. Look what they did to that poor Jewish kid on the Forward. Insane. That's right, go tell Stephen Miller you're throwing him in the oven, retards. BTW he eventually capitulated on Twitter and agreed not to call himself an alt righter anymore.

Giovanni Dannato said...

Tactically sound, but a strategic blunder on her part. Maybe she calculates that a growing alt-right is less of a threat to her interests than a "respectable" republican party because they aren't the ones in control of the house right now. Maybe she figures she can use them as a bludgeon on establishment republicans to push through some of her legislation.
It may pay off short term but will ultimately go about as well as her neocon regime changes typically do, and this time it's domestic. They never learn.

Audacious Epigone said...


Those who've read this blog for any length of time know there isn't much animus towards Jews here--more of a healthy respect for an impressive, successful perpetually market-dominating minority.

That said, the tea party movement was co-opted and strangled to death to such a comprehensive extent that the putative Next Big Thing five years ago has now moved to the dustbin of history. Forward is going to be, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, antagonistic towards the Alt-Right now and forever. It'll never give any of us the benefit of the doubt, even if this individual did.

As far as a collective decision, the Alt-Right is too organic and amorphous for that to be the case. It is an evolved version of the Dark Enlightenment and is correspondingly as intellectually diverse as this conception of the DE illustrates.


Exactly. The Alt-Right more-or-less believes many of the things the CultMarx left is constantly accusing the pussy Respectable Right of believing, banking on said Respectable Right members grovelling and prostrating themselves in front of their accusers begging for forgiveness. The Establishment isn't yet aware, however, of how rather than being dissuaded by all the -ists and -isms, the Alt-Right is fueled by them.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Who knew that a moon and a frog would cause so many people on the left to get triggered as much as they have?

The establishment is afraid of the alt right because its so decentralized that there is no leader who they can pressure to call off the attacks. A number of people have been saying it is laying down the groundwork for internet censorship. I agree that is true but these people are people who have nothing to lose. These people are savvy enough to circumvent or find exploits in a theoretical censorship law. If they have to get behind seven proxies and a Tor browser to call someone a cuck, they will do it.

Anonymous said...


I'd feed worse for the innocent among minorities if they'd taken notice of how dangerous identity politics is to minorities BEFORE it was turned on them.

The worst needs to be reserved for names not groups. We're moving past name calling.


Anonymous said...


a word we should all ditch in any case.

Anonymous said...

A rant, somewhat off-topic:

I wouldn’t be so quick to think Hillary’s speech helped us or Trump.

Hillary’s speech may be nice for the Alt-Right corner of the cyber-aquarium, but its short term effect was harmful in the real world where the average newspaper reader and cable news watcher is found.

It needs to be countered in the real world. Trump hasn’t ground game; therefore, there is no countering Hillary’s speech where it matters most.

We want "disaffected white voters," people that haven't voted in two or more election cycles to register and vote for Trump. These people are negatively impacted by the constant, 24/7/365 media bashing of Trump.

Don’t believe me?

According to the Pew Research Center social media aficionados are a minority of the potential electorate needed to defeat the Bitch:

The average potential voter can’t or won’t “Google” for da truff n sheeit. The majority of the electorate are not “into” social media. I’m guessing this is even more true of the disaffected subset of the white population that hasn’t voted in 8 or more years (H/T AudEpi).

Before somebody rips me a new ass because Trump defeated 12 cons in the primaries, I would advise them that there is no equivalence between highly energized primary voters engaged with social media and the great mass of voters needed to defeat Hillary.

God-Emperor Trump's likely defeat will have much to do with his lack of ground game in the real world. This didn’t need to happen.

The Trump campaign had more than a year o organize cells averaging 50 Trumpeters per county. With 3,000 USA counties that comes to at least 15,000 people. The campaign could have had 100,000 political soldiers easily enough. They could have recruited these people at Trump’s innumerable, local political rallies.

Trump's game of "media jiu jitsu" had obvious limitations. Imagine what his campaign could have accomplished at local levels to bypass the MSM and lessen the detrimental effects of "Battered Conservative Syndrome" throughout the country:

(1) 10,000 LED-lit, trailer-mounted signs pulled by pickup trucks on freeways and highways across America.

(2) Static panel truck and semi-trailers with magnetic signs parked everywhere and moved every few hours.

(3) Banners held across freeway overpasses during rush hour.

(4) An air force of single engine airplanes pulling "Trump/Pence 2016" across the sky at public events.

(5) Attractive searchlight displays illuminating the location of rallies in smaller, Trump-friendly cities across red states.

(6) Door-to-door canvassing and literature distributions in mostly white enclaves, old age homes, and working-class venues, organizing and encouraging these people to turn out.

But none of this was honestly addressed, much less tried. Merely mentioning these ideas in cyber-space resulted in bullshit accusations of “Concern Trolling” or “Cuck” by keyboard “warriors” in the cyber-aquarium.

I think we ought to prepare for what’s coming after Trump.

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude on the Internet,

They don't have anything in the playbook for these guerrilla tactics. How do they shut down an anonymous Ricky Vaughn? How do they shut down the Cernovichs, Days, and Spencers of the world who are financially independent of any sort of attempted pocketbook retribution? Banning is the obvious next step, but that's a double-edged sword.

Every time these guys are the target of a media hitjob, their reach and influence expands. There is some upper bound on how long that will occur, but we're still a long way away from reaching it.


Principles are the luxury of healthy, growing, self-confident civilization. When it's sick, contracting, and self-loathing, interests are the only thing that we can afford to have matter.


All valid points, thanks.

I'm on the campaign mailing list and it's pretty weak--links to call center databases and the standard RNC donation solicitations, some 'prize drawings', etc. Nothing remarkable.

That said, this--Hillary's speech--is separate from that. The vast majority of people have no idea what the Alt-Right (or as Steve Sailer jokes, the Alright!) is. I'm skeptical that trying to tie Trump to the KKK and other totally washed up boogeyman organizations is going to have much of an effect on undecideds, irregular/reluctant voters, or tradcons. Even with the skyrocketing searches for Alt-Right, the vast majority of people don't know what it is, won't bother to find out, nor remember that Hillary talked about it in the future. I'd be surprised if Team Hillary kept pounding on the Alt Right, but who knows?

It will probably energize blacks to vote against Trump though.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of Hillary's speech was to present the equation that Trump = KKK + Nazi. So why mention the Alt Right, something that the average person has never heard of? There may be a wheels within wheels reason that I've not figured out yet since there are a lot simpler ways to call Trump and his supporters racists.

Audacious Epigone said...


I can't remember where, maybe Agnostic, I saw the suggestion that it was a spiteful reaction from Hillary's handlers. The Alt Right really gets under their skin and this was a strategically foolish lashing out, a cavalry charge into a defensively positioned line of jeering pike men who the equestrians were tired of looking at.

Anonymous said...

We (me- and I assume others) have been called racists so often and for so long that I not only don't care anymore, but I now identify as a racist. It is quite liberating - one less thing to worry about- to quote Forrest Gump.

Audacious Epigone said...

Not Me,

Right. After they fire all the -ist and -ism arrows, their quivers are empty. Trump has been a very salient example of how ineffective these tags are if we don't imbue them with magic properties.

Reginald said...

Frim someone on the campaign I couldn't agree with you more. It truly was a missed opportunity of historic proportions. The changes in elected representatives downstreams would have ensured a total revolution. Now we are back to fighting in the trenches. Believe me it was discussed. Sigh.