Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trump's disdain for political correctness is shared spectacularly by his supporters

The Trump phenomenon is the deadliest foe political correctness has ever faced. It's not lost on his backers. To the contrary, after immigration it is quite possibly the next single biggest driver of his support. From a Pew report on PC culture:

Trump supporters are more hostile to political correctness than Republicans as a whole are, and also far more hostile than independents and Democrats are. This is the case despite the fact that some of those Trump supporters are independents and Democrats. Even without cross tabs the unavoidable deduction here is that Republicans, independents, and Democrats who support Trump have less patience and use for political correctness than Republicans, independents, and Democrats on the whole do.


White men, who have the most to lose from PC nonsense, are correspondingly the most hostile. Blacks, for whom political correctness must be ubiquitous lest the obvious--that blacks living in WEIRDO societies are, on average, destined to be less successful and more dysfunctional than non-blacks--be made explicit, are the most supportive of it (see Black Live Matter).

If we look closely we can detect outlines of the Alt Right in the graphic. While the 18-29 category is considerably less white than the older age categories are, and the 30-49 category is less white than the 50+ categories are, people under the age of 50 are more hostile towards PC than their elders. Thus among these younger age cohorts, whites are decidedly less PC than whites among older cohorts. We're more skeptical of multicult fantasy talk than our parents are.


Popper said...

I have always thought Run Around was the anti PC anthem of the 90s. I never thought about Hook in the same way but I should of.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, likewise regarding Run Around. The call for candor resonated with me even as a kid. I had (still do) all of the Blues Traveler's discography from the nineties and there's a strong libertarian bent to their music. I guess they were too poppy to get the same sort of association that Rush did.

Anonymous said...

The age breakdown is a pleasant surprise. I guess the loud minority of special snowflakes is pissing of most of their peers.

Regarding blacks, they are obsessed with MUH RESPECK, and have incredibly short fuses so the fear of violent retribution for "disrespect" among their own people is probably also a factor.

Anonymous said...

How much should we distrust these polls?

Mind you it's August.