Saturday, July 02, 2016

Pathological altruism meets Frontlash

Without clicking on the link, take a guess as to what search phrases returned these results from Google Trends:

Hint: They all spiked during the week of June 12th, a date that coincided with a certain bloody incident in Orlando.

Did you correctly peg them as "Christian hate", "Anti gay Christian", "Christianity homosexuality", and "Christian homosexuality", respectively?

If you did so on account of having an understanding of virtue-signalling and ethnomasochism that is deeper and more sophisticated than my own, I'm impressed.

If you did so on account of having contributed to said search volumes, this image is for you.


Mil-Tech Bard said...

IMO, this is evidence the Left will go Ape S**t Crazy if Trump wins.

Especially if it is a land slide.

Ben Kurtz said...

Yeah, but try running the same reports with "Islamic terrorism" as a search term as well. This quickly reveals that most Americans are fairly rational; Google returns an index value of 100 for that term right after the Orlando massacre, versus index values of 13 and 14 for "Christian hate" and "Christian homosexuality" at the same time. There are frontlashers out there, to be sure, but they are a blessedly small (if vocal) part of the American landscape.

What interests me more, actually, is the fact that "Islamic terrorism" ranks roughly equal to your other terms at times other than immediately after a horrific terrorist attack on American soil. This suggests that people interested in culture warrior garbage are constantly operating at a more stepped-up tempo than the ordinary American. When something attention-grabbing happens these lefties can amp up their activity somewhat, but their propaganda pales compared to the inherent good sense of the American people, during those brief moments when that collective good sense can be engaged.

Which, when you think about it long enough and hard enough, portends well for a certain Mr. Trump.

Audacious Epigone said...

Mil-Tech Bard,

That will be a blast to watch.

Ben Kurtz,

I did. I thought about including it in the post but elected not to since it's not surprising--most Americans aren't ideologues, so when they heard about a Muslim shooter in Orlando, their natural inclination to find out more was to use search terms like "Muslim terrorism Orlando", etc. Those who immediately took to looking for 'counterexamples' are ideologues of the worst order. They weren't looking for information on a news event that had just happened, they were looking for ways to control the narrative about that news event.

Irate eye rater said...

I guessed it because I knew there wouldn't be a post here about it if it wasn't something outrageous.

Audacious Epigone said...

Irate eye rater,

Perspicacious man!