Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The #DNCLeaks story is too significant not to pass comment on even if I don't have anything particularly novel or perspicacious to add.

The clumsy way Twitter tried to kill the story should nevertheless put the Alt Right on high alert. First they deleted #DNCLeaks. Then they brought it back as #DNCLeak, sending all the #DNCLeaks' posts into the void. Then they manipulated it further by making it #DNCleaks, which looks like DN Cleaks (what's a "cleak"?) rather than DNC Leaks.

Yes, it's run by cultural Marxists who have no qualms about censoring dissident views. But despite all that it's one of the largest platforms we have, at least as long as Twitter's censorship is reactive. Once it becomes fully proactive, as is already the case with shadow banning and the expulsion of high-profile Alt Righters like Milo.

The 20,000 emails reveal that it's not merely that the major media are in collusion with the Democrat party, it's that they're taking marching orders from it.

Caught redhanded, the major media are trying to turn this into a story about Russian cyber infiltration and Trump's even-handed--rather than hysterically antagonistic--treatment of Putin. It's not clear what the ultimate source of the email leaks were--it could've been an internal whistleblower within the Democrat machine--but it's inconsequential. The rot at the heart of the process is what matters.

The DNC corruptly rigs the nomination process (man, is Trump's branding masterful or what?--He's been using the terms "rigged" and "crooked" for several months now and those descriptors only become more and more apt by the day), Russia points it out, Trump jocularly asks Russia to expose more of Hillary's emails, and that becomes the story!

We have a gang leader we'll call Hillary. Hillary's gang kills a woman, a woman we'll call Integrity. The police are not only aware of the murder, Hillary's gang actually instructs them to lure Integrity to her final resting place and then create distractions elsewhere so no one will notice Hillary's gang murdering her. Though they thought they'd lured Integrity to a secluded place, someone captured the murder on video. We'll call him Putin. Another man--we'll call him Donald--is in a turf war with Hillary. He celebrates Putin for exposing the murder. The police ignore the overwhelming evidence of homicide perpetrated by Hillary and her gang--after all, they were accomplices--and instead arrest Putin and Trump for violation of the Hillary gang's privacy.

Even with the Democrats' ever-growing demographic advantage, it's not going to be enough to negate the astonishing corruption of the Clinton machine and the complicity of the major media in its nefarious activities.

Trump is going to be the 45th president.


Anonymous said...

"Trump is going to be the 45th president. "

Let's hope so.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

Corruption cannot be centralized.

Even Stalin-like death squad and gulag enforcement merely slows its spread.

It takes a rotation of elites to clean corruption out.

When the two parties in America effectively became one elite -- the Washington DC branch of the Transnational Progressive elite -- with the end of the Cold War. There was a virgin field population for corruption to spread in the West.

Elites i every Democratically elected Western Nation became TNP party A & B, or C, D, and E. Their only interest being reducing pubic accountability so they could get more.

Nationalism was pushed to the fringes awaiting a populist match to set alight when the corruption kudzu strangled the economies of the West.


Audacious Epigone said...


I realize that's a silly Nate-Silver-playing-pundit sort of assertion, but if he can't win given how terrible a candidate Hillary is, the idea of the United States as a single political entity will no longer have anything at all recommending it. It'll be a clear indication that secession is our only hope.

Mil-Tech Bard,

Americans of European descent probably have more fight in them than Austrians or French or British of Euro descent, but our total population is less Euro than any of those countries are. We'll see how it shakes out (assuming no massive voter fraud, which, with how unified the Establishment is against Trump, is not at all out of the question).

Cicatrizatic said...

The media consolidation behind Clinton really is astounding. A candidate who lacks any real grassroots support, is deemed by 70% of the country to be "not honest and trustworthy", is trying to court Bernie Sanders supporters while being heavily funded by Wall Street (see the new article on Morning Consult's site about this), and has the entire media apparatus behind her (yet is not even willing to hold a press conference).

Have we reached peak lies and deception in this country? Every vein of public life is obstructed with a false narrative. False narratives about race, gender, the founding principles of this country (proposition nation myth), our current financial system, the threat posed by refugees in Europe.

If they are able to push her over the top to victory, it really will mark an irreversible decline.

Cicatrizatic said...

Reuters, explaining its new change in methodology:

Mil-Tech Bard said...

>>Have we reached peak lies and deception in this country?

No. Next question.

Audacious Epigone said...


That doesn't address the volatility in partisan affiliation across their samples. When Trump was showing ahead a couple of days ago, it was IIRC 404 Dems and like 376 Reps--much closer to parity than it was a couple of weeks ago. The "no response" answers shouldn't influence this.

Regarding your assessment, I couldn't have put it better myself. To the contrary, I didn't put it that well, but that's what I'm getting at when I 'predict' that Trump will win. It's not that he actually will, but that if he doesn't that should be seen as the last straw, and we should totally disinvest in every way we can from the idea of the US as a unified political entity. All my energy will go into secession in any form at that point.