Friday, July 29, 2016

Black whores

In service (heh) to the tagline, the percentages of men who say they've paid (or been paid) for sex, by race (n = 6,765):


And the percentages of women who say they've been paid (or have paid) for sex, by race (n = 8,457):


Insert jokes about how all (beta) men pay for sex in one way or another and how women who aren't targets of Milo's derision have been paid for it.

Assuming similar racial dynamics with whoring as with regular relationships, the rare Asian prostitute is as busy as she wants to be, with thirty Asian men for every one of her plus white men with Asian fever. Good gig, geisha.

For the black prostitute (aspiring mother?), in contrast, who is only interesting to black men and for whom there is just four for every one of her, more aggressive marketing is required for success.

Note also that the question doesn't distinguish between paying for sex and having been paid for sex but we, being aware of biological realities, are able to use the question as a good proxy for men paying for and women being paid for sex.

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10)(15-16), SEX(1)(2), EVPAIDSEX


Anonymous said...

Hmmm - Comparing the number of partners by racehisp and ever paid for sex

Men, American born:
Women, American born:


The Other/Asian numbers for women don't suggest the same prostitute high number of partners profile; their low sample size may still be inadequate to pick up a good profile on frequency of prostitution by that group.

Same thing for gays: (bad sample sizes again)

Using the number of partners by ethnicity, you can work out whether some statistical differences in partners between ethnic groups that show up on GSS is due to differences in men in the sample using prostitutes:

e.g. Italian, Greek and Russian (often Jewish) groups in this sample seem to have more partners, but that seems driven by a greater degree of partners mainly among men who have paid for sex, while that's not so for the Scottish subsample. Ethnic groups are those with decent sample sizes.

Same differences by religion:

Lower levels of partners among Protestant, Catholic and Muslim men who don't pay for sex seems likely to be linked to the religions encouraging early monogamy (less dating / girlfriends before marriage) and low divorce, which seems less true for Jewish, Other Religion and no religion groups.

Anonymous said...

Polviews tends to show a slight tendency for numbers of partners to decrease among more conservative men, both within those who do and don't pay for sex...

... except within the "Extremely Conservative" group who pay for sex, who have very high numbers of partners compared to other men who pay for sex. The creepy Roissy guys, I'd imagine.

The Extreme Conservative group is the most split on numbers of partners, with the guys who don't pay for sex having the lowest and the guys who do having the highest, and I imagine that's why you see extreme polarisation around the degree of obsession with notching up high numbers of partners or strict monogamy on the extreme Right and less of that in the mid and centre.

PartyID doesn't show the same pattern, and instead nuber of partners reaches the zenith among politically independent people who pay for sex, rather than the strongest Republicans.

I'd take from that that men who identify as extremely conservative and identify as politically independent (Alt-Right, maybe?) and pay for sex seem more likely to have very high numbers of partners.

Audacious Epigone said...

Here for anon's data.

JayMan said...

Standard caveats about self-reported sex data apply.