Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trump's victory speech

With the Republican primaries culminating in Trump going 13 for 13 in the thirteen colonies, the GOP nominee gave a speech demonstrating the perfect blend of the god-emperor and the presidential candidate.

There's an elegance in being able to describe oneself as a "Trump Republican". For the good of the cause, clemency will be granted to those who probably don't deserve it. But there will be no question who is leading this charge:

On the morning Trump gave the speech--the same morning that California, New Jersey, and four other states held their contests--the major media dumped salt on to the Sanders supporters' wounds. The Cathedral's organs all ran lead stories on how the Puerto Rico results from the weekend--conveniently certified the night before the most populous blue state in the country held its primary--had officially given Hillary the nomination (which wasn't true since the super delegates who will get her there are unbound and thus could theoretically be persuaded to back Sanders if he'd managed a strong showing that day).

Hillary finished Sanders off by focusing on the two issues he was the viewed on the left as being the least reliable on, gun rights and immigration. Two issues, incidentally, that many of the less vociferous Sanders supporters agreed more with the Sanders of a year ago than they do with Sanders today.

Trump, who has been stoking resentment against the Democrat party for several weeks, lost no time letting these burned white folks know there is still a candidate in the race who doesn't hate them:

Presaging a line of attack that Hillary will be hit with perpetually over the next five months, Trump comments on how a political system that enriches so-called public servants is inherently corrupting. There is scarcely a better illustration of that than the Clintons:

This promises to be a blast:

A trenchant response to the lugubrious crap about how enforcing immigration laws tears families apart:

No apologies for America First. Toxic term my ass:

It's become blase to assert that this is going to be a political realignment year. Deservedly so, as we find ourselves in a situation where the Democrat is the meddling military interventionist and the Republican is urging caution and restraint:

What at first blush might sound like typical cuckservative pandering is actually a tactical part of a campaign theme so aptly termed "citizenism". To the extent that our hearts will bleed, they will bleed for our fellow citizens in St. Louis and Detroit, not for settlers from Mexico or the Middle East:

Hillary decisively won the black voters who showed up in the primaries. Her problem is with the ones who didn't bother showing up in said primaries and who won't bother showing up in November.


Smeagol said...

Orlando will put Trump back ahead in the general election polls. Keep saying you don't like his tone Hillary. That's the way to win.

Dan said...

The incident at the gay nightclub in Orlando demonstrates what I have been saying often:

Politically the left crushes the right. And then reality/GNON delivers a baseball bat to the skulls of the left. And a few more of them learn.

At GNON university, class is always in session! It is okay if you are a slow learner: leftists can take the same class as many times as they need to. The teacher never tires and she never gets bored of teaching the same subject matter.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

Getting gunned down by reality is a damned expensive way to learn.

cjames said...

Well done!