Friday, June 03, 2016

Open season on dissidents

++Addition++Throwing Trump supporters to the wolves doesn't appear to have been the result of incompetence or ineptitude. It looks like it was premeditated and intentional. See here.


My initial reaction to Milo Yiannapolous being assaulted at De Paul while security personnel stood by idly was that I was watching a Cathedral tactic in its seminal stages.

This reaction has been confirmed in San Jose, with widespread instances of peaceful Trump supporters being viciously assaulted by hordes of swarthy miscreants:

Trump has largely neutralized the Watsoning method. By doubling down instead of prostrating themselves, dissidents are realizing that the cause isn't as hopeless as they thought it was a year ago. The Alt Right is skinning alive the quisling cuckservatives who had helped maintain the climate that kept dissidents in fear. The Cathedral is being assaulted from several sides and the standard responses aren't stopping the onslaught.

So this is next. The Cathedral will simply allow physical violence to be perpetrated against dissidents. Out in the open, in plain sight. Soft intimidation will be replaced by hard intimidation. The dissidents may have found intellectual courage--now they're going to have to find physical courage.

Winter is coming. Bring it on.


IHTG said...

I'm not sure Trump wants them to fight back, though:

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if you are an under-40 YO man, you need to prepare. Get to the gym, lift, maybe take some boxing classes.

Also, get to the range, at least monthly. At some point "winter" will get very hot.

Joshua Sinistar said...

All of you who work at places like Rand-McNally should start redrawing your maps without Mexico now. I expect soon it will be nothing but a smoldering pile of radioactive ruins.

Dan said...

This barely registers on the richter scale compared with the race riots of 1968 after the assassination of MLK.

* Riots in 110 US cities at once (!!!!)
* In just one city, Washington, D.C. 1200 buildings were burned from April 4th to April 8th and was pacified by 13,600 federal troops.
* In Chicago, 10,000 police and 10,000 troops helped settle things, 2150 arrested
* In Baltimore, 1000 businesses burned, 4500 arrested

This was on top of huge riots in Watts in '65 and in Detroit in '68.

By way of contrast, 25 buildings were burned in the Ferguson, Mo unrest.

The 1968 rioters would have burned Trump venues to the ground with everyone trapped inside.

Dan said...

Thankfully modern leftists are not made of very stern stuff. The Commies killed 100 million and ran huge chains of death camps. As far as I know the number of Trump supporters killed or permanently injured at rallies in the last year is zero. Leftists of the past, from the French Revolution to every Communist country ever, were absolute killing machines.

Audacious Epigone said...


Not hostile, but not pushovers, either. If one of those turd worlders assaulted me--and grabbing my hat is assault--I'd break his jaw. It will happen. This kills the already absurd narrative that Trump supporters are the instigators.


Perspective is important. That was fifty years ago, though. Casualties in Iraq pale in comparison to Vietnam let alone WWII, but the Iraq war is nonetheless a defining feature of the 21st century socio-political-cultural landscape.

With police squad cars being abandoned in the face of chimp outs or whatever the Mexican equivalent is, the take home message here is that outsourcing your physical safety is a bad idea.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

Audacious Epigone,

The Leftists in 1968 were fighting the government.

The Leftist bully boys in 2016 are a protected arm of government.

Consider for a moment who has been threatened enough to purchase the 100 million fire arms during the Obama Administration.

Without the protection of government, a "civil war" between the white majority and the brown bully boy Left would look a lot like Rwanda...a one sided massacre.

I pray that it does not come to that, but the irrationality of the American Left now approaches that of the Imperial Japanese in January 1945.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

>>The Alt Right is skinning alive the quisling cuckservatives
>>who had helped maintain the climate that kept dissidents in fear.

The quisling cuckservative "Right" is advocating unilateral disarmament and pre-emptive surrender to the Left.

After seven years of that, anyone who publicly and successfully advocates to Whites a position of fighting the Cathedral will beat anyone who isn't.

Thus, TRUMP.

Dan said...

Mil-Tech Bard --

Really good point. I have been thinking over my earlier comments. Why, when these thugs are objectively less violent than in 1968, am I feeling so much anxiety?

The answer you give is right, I think. These thugs are on the side of the Cathedral. Hillary takes the side of attempted murderer Trayvon Martin even after the court case and all of the evidence and the unanimous verdict of not guilty for Zimmerman.

As I have often said, the right doesn't usually win by straightforward political victory. The natural order is that the left crushes the right, and then reality/GNON/events bash the stupid leftist overlords on the skull and then sometimes they learn. Even Putin learned this way, starting out as a Communist.

For example the crime problem is no longer really the right's problem. It is now the problem of Democrat mayors in the cities. I am pleased that Rahm Emmanuel is enduring his own personal hell trying to control crime in Chicago and failing for reasons of too much leftism in Chicago. I hope he has stomach ulcers and I hope they bleed a lot.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

I saw this over at The Coservative Tree House. This is from Trump event attendee Karen Powers:

As a Trump supporter, I was there, in San Jose, attending the Trump event on June 2.

The Trump event attendees were forced to walk past the protesters afterward, after the event was over, to get to their cars. Broad areas of sidewalks and streets, that were not blockaded before the event started, were blockaded by barriers after the event ended, and standing in front of those barriers were lines of individual police officers telling Trump event attendees what route to follow to get to their vehicles.

I had parked in a parking garage right next door to the event. Before the event, an easy walk to the event, after event over, had to square 4 blocks of sidewalk lined with protesters who somehow knew the exact route that Trump supporters/event attendees had to walk, and were waiting for them.

Frankly, it was pretty obvious that either law enforcement personnel or the mayors office, someone in the know, had told the protesters where the Trump supporters would be forced to walk after the event. Attendees only went where law enforcement officers told them to go in order to get to our cars. We followed their instructions. The protesters knew, seemed well informed, of the direction where Trump supporters were going to be heading even before we exited the event, and protesters lined that walking route as a result, literally laying in wait where no law enforcement was present.

There was an intent to force the supporters and protesters together. There was no intent to keep them apart.

Trump supporters exiting the event were literally set up like rats in a maze, forced to follow a prescribed set of boundaries, which led directly to the protesters and not away from them.

The press got their story but the clash was completely avoidable. It was created by intention and by design.

The San Jose Mayor and Police Chief are now on the liability hook for millions in civil rights class action suits out the ass because they opened their mouths up and forfeited their official immunity.

Steve in Greensboro said...

Who are the brownshirts again? I get confused.

Audacious Epigone said...

Exactly. Civil unrest by society's garbage is an annoyance but it's not a serious threat.

The governmental edifice turning that garbage loose on middle America, however, is.

These photos really are worth a thousand words.

Don't outsource the security of yourself and your family.

Thanks for the link, Mil-Tech. Added a reference to it to the body of the post.