Saturday, June 11, 2016

Change the name to Brownie Girls already!

According to The Atlantic, the brownies are "still mostly white" (still? But of course. They need to change, they have to change, and they will change!). The first several photos or pictures depicting actual people, as opposed to just the green and white logo or cookie boxes, returned from a Google images search on the phrase "girl scouts":

Acceptable suburban diversity

This ugly photo of an actual troop rather than a choreographed
miscellany reveals the horrible whiteness of the organization

The retrograde logo is only one-third non-white

White scout leaders keep the desirables away

Found just as frequently in the wild as three white girls or three black girls

Arlen looks like America

While the Boy Scouts bowed to buggery, it's not until several photos in that we get a non-white scout.

Perhaps they're safe for now. The Eye of Soros is momentarily focusing all its attention on the most serious threat it has ever faced.

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