Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tall males get the tails

With the discovery that polygenic adaptions for increased height (in Brits) "has driven allele frequency shifts across most of the genome", I recalled the GSS suggesting a correlation between height and intelligence among (white) men.

The survey similarly suggests that taller men do better with women. The median number of female partners among white men, by height (n = 403):

6'3" or taller10
5'6" or shorter3

All the usual caveats about self-reported data apply.

This probably isn't going to surprise people who believe what they're lying eyes tell them. And while height helps, like so many other beneficial traits and characteristics, it's not everything.

Validating stereotypes is this blog's raison d'etre, though, so there you are.

GSS variables used: NUMWOMEN(0-500), HEIGHT(57-66,67-69,70-74,75-79), SEX(1), RACECEN1(1)


Mil-Tech Bard said...

>>All the usual caveats about self-reported data apply.

No joke.

I think either CH (or one of the PUA data riunching bloggers that frequent there?) pointed out that:

1. Men generally don't lie about their notch count.

2. Men -do lie- about how many are -ahem- "Commercial Transactions."

Audacious Epigone said...

Mil-Tech Bard,

Good point. Since we're looking at the number of women men have slept with, any prostitution solicitation would 'ideally' be included in the figure. Not sure what percentage of men have done this, but my guess is that the percentage is in the single digits. Anyway that's an advantage of using median over mean in the table.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to compare this to the percentage of white men at those heights. A quick calculate online gave me the percentage of white men at those heights as 2.6%, 38%, 37.7%, and 21.7%, respectively. We can use these to get a quick multiple of how far above/below their respective population size each group bats:

If we assume that each woman each group has slept with has not slept with anyone else, then we have 25 sexually active women, 40% of whom have slept with men 6'3'' or taller, 28% with 5'10'' to 6'2'' men, 20% with men 5'7'' to 5'9'', and 12% with men 5'6'' or shorter. If we divide those percentages by the percentage of men with those heights, men 6'3'' or taller are 15.4x more successful than their population sizes. The ratios for the others are 0.7x, 0.5x, and 0.5x, respectively.

But in reality, sexually active women will sleep with more than one man, and some men won't sleep with anyone. It's very plausible that men 6'3'' and taller have slept with OVER HALF of sexually active women.

That is life is on very easy mode.

Anonymous said...

I can completely believe that the top 2.6% of men by height are responsible for half of the sexual experiences of women in the general population.

A while ago I became online friends with an attractive woman of 40. She's one of the lucky ones who honest-to-god looks 30 at most, so she's attractive, but still, she's 40. For a few months she updated me about her internet dating escapades. She had sex with about a dozen men over 3 months. I was amazed at the quality of men she was able to select. Men of high social status and young model/athlete types that I would have thought only exist in small numbers and are rarely even seen in daily life. She was able to scoop up the top 2% of men on dating sites, and considered these men normal and what she is entitled to. Note this was a temporary cougar phase for her, not her whole lifestyle for decades. When she decided to go on a sex binge, the top tier of men were available.