Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dan Savage knows Republicans are smarter than faggots

His word choice, incidentally.

Having every orifice in your body penetrated while playing the bugger's bitch does a snarky sodomite make:

In that slur stream Savage does not, however, refer to the Republican base as idiots or morons or anything else insinuating low IQ. He deserves credit for that because grassroots GOPers are, on average, more intelligent than sexual deviants.

Since 2008 the GSS has asked explicitly about sexual orientation. The mean wordsum score among gays, lesbians, and bisexuals is 6.25 (n = 173). Among those who identify as "strong Republican", it is 6.52 (n = 490). That's a little less than one-fifth of a standard deviation advantage--about 2.3 IQ points--for the GOP base over the sexually debased. It's a modest difference but still one that would be fun to hit the dismissive degenerate with.

Savage, who is raising another man's child, is only a little less fecund than the 'community' he putatively speaks for is. They average less than one child each. These same Republicans, in contrast, average 2.17.

We have the power to make the future ours. People like Savage are terrified that we're starting to realize it.

GSS variables used: YEAR(2008-2014), PARTYID(6), SEXORNT(1-2), CHILDS, WORDSUM, BORN(1)


hooter tooter said...

does a snarky sodomite make: Video removed

Yeah, maybe so, but then why are faggots and deviants all over government and NGOs, aside from being outstanding liars?

Audacious Epigone said...

Hooter tooter,

Thanks, fixed it.

And is that question rhetorical?

Rafs said...

Complete sophistry.

You isolate strong Republicans from other groups that lean GOP, at the same time you conflate all three LGB groups in a single entity, which is improper as there are significant differences among them.

Dan Savage is not a lesbian or a bisexual but a gay man, and gay men have the highest WORDSUM score of any sexual orientation group - you know that, which is why you sought to compare them, not with heterosexuals but with a political demographic group. Gay men score an average of 6.53 on the vocab test (do away with the year filter) - higher than Republicans, who score 6.45 if limited to strong Republicans, and lower still if one includes GOP-leaners. Extreme conservatives score a pitiful 5.58 on the same measure - and I bet you know that.