Saturday, April 23, 2016

White men favor biologically-based restroom usage; Women, gays, Hispanics good with gender bender make believe

A Reuters-Ipsos poll finds that Americans who think a person should be required to use the restroom that corresponds with his or her sex narrowly outnumber those who feel the restroom designations are merely suggestive, 52.1%-47.9%, with "don't know" responses excluded (n = 2,850).

White men drive the overall preference for biologically-based restrooms, favoring use corresponding to sex, 58.3%-41.7% (n = 677).

And by a margin of more than 3-to-1, 75.4%-24.6%, conservative white men oppose men using women's restrooms (n = 389). When they're removed from the equation, the non-conservative white male majority opinion is that sex designations don't matter.

Since conservative white men should of course be removed from everything this is to be treated as the de facto national consensus!

Women, across races and political orientations, are more likely than men to favor gender bender make believe.

Hispanics, who we are told are "natural conservatives"--or at any rate, were told; do cuckservatives even bother making this argument anymore?--favor allowing a person to use whatever restroom he or she wants to use irrespective of sex, 52.3%-47.7% (n = 174).

Z suspects many gays resent the tranny stuff:
Homosexuals, like all minority populations, back the winner. Given the general lunacy on display, gays rightly see the lunatics as the winner. That said, I suspect a lot of gays resent the tranny stuff. From what I gather, homosexuals have never liked the trannies. Plus, this probably feels like a bridge too far. Gays could be concerned about where things are headed.
Gays and bisexuals are on board with this, at least publicly. While 78.3% are in favor of allowing people to use whichever restrooms they want just 21.7% are opposed (n = 219).

White men are about the only ones who will publicly refuse to assent to the CultMarx order of the day, so this result isn't surprising.


Anonymous said...

Women have an excuse to be stupid.
We have an excuse to ignore them.

The rest we need to cut no slack.


Jokah Macpherson said...

The gays did have their own bone to pick with HB2 since it didn't include them in the list of groups that could be the basis for a discrimination suit against an employer. Personally, I suspect discrimination suits are unwarranted most of the time (the person is fired or not promoted because they are a lazy asshole, not because they're black or female or gay or whatever) and primarily benefit the attorneys filing the suits, but it's a symbolic thing that unites the coalition of the fringes. Gov. McCrory has since said, I think, that he will try to have that part part repealed while leaving the bathroom thing in place, but you know how effective appeasing the opposition base is in winning them over to your side.

Audacious Epigone said...

I haven't come across it firsthand but I've heard anecdotes about companies avoiding groups with the most special protections under anti-discrimination law because once they're hired they essentially can't be hired. It's a perverse but understandable consequence.

Santoculto said...

''Women have an excuse to be stupid.
We have an excuse to ignore them.

The rest we need to cut no slack. ''

More stupid and without excuses is the white trash man who have the intellectual maturity of a child with 9 years old.

Jews never learn, whites too.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the whole logic is supposedly about protecting women who are in danger... and they care less about it than men. It's almost like that's not really a reason.

tanabear said...

"It's queer how out of touch with truth women are. They live in a world of their own, and there has never been anything like it, and never can be. It's too beautiful altogether, and if they were to set it up it would go to pieces before the first sunset. Some confounded fact we men have been living contentedly with ever since the day of creation would start up and knock the whole thing over"
Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

Audacious Epigone said...


There's a pathetic white knight impulse there that is silly and even believed by the damsels in distress. There is too, though, a protective impulse for children. Trannies are mentally unstable basketcases to begin with and are often aggressive, virile types (thinking Jenner and the helicopter pilot who threatened Ben Shapiro). I don't want my daughter in there with one of those deviants.


Political liberalism is an ideology of affluent abundance. So is feminism and probably even women's suffrage.

Dan said...

Most troublesome is that so many on the left side of the spectrum see everything as a battle to be won, over the right. To people like that, it really does not matter what the best solution is. This a political battle to be won against the haters.

In this sense, the demise of the Republican party could conceivably be a good thing, if it forces the left to grow up and stop rebelling against reality.

If the right weren't around to play the villain, the left would have to solve this among their various constituencies: women on the one hand and freaks on the other.

100% Democrat local governments have proven perfectly capable of fighting crime when their own cities are at risk.

Audacious Epigone said...


Steve Sailer's refrain that hatred for Core America and specifically heterosexual white goy men is the linchpin that holds the Coalition of the Fringes together is worth remembering.

Dan said...

This was an interesting read.

I think it's a great start, by at least admitting liberals are insufferably smug and closed-minded.

The next step (let me dream!) would be for Vox to come around to the realization that maybe some of the recent liberal "victories" are not victories at all, because they made the world worse, not better.

The problem with Emmett Rensin's article is that it is so damn non-specific. What exactly were liberals wrong about? The article bashes liberals for their being snobbish, but frankly I don't care about snobbishness if they were actually making good choices.

The cure to liberal smugness is not to tell liberals that they are too smug. The cure to liberal smugness is for liberals to realize that they well and truly broke civilization.

Liberals will have to realize that the problem is not that they are emotional abusers who are arrogant in the propagation of goodness. Rather, they are longtime physical abusers who have already caused much permanent injury.

If Emmett Rensin wants to take the first step toward healing, he should start by *actually listening* and understanding the content rather than saying "we don't listen."

Audacious Epigone said...


I've had that article shared with me by several people. My reaction was similar, although even the description of smugness was smug--liberals are more intelligent than conservatives (which is only true when whites alone are considered, and still then is only true among women).