Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sanders once again wins big among white men while losing overall

There is another candidate who unapologetically welcomes the support of white men should those of you who've finally had enough of doing the bidding of a political machine that has no seat at the table for you:

Trump has prudently toned down the attacks on Sanders. Sanders' supporters are facing the same sort of Establishment opposition that Trumps' supporters are.

Sanders' supporters are going to be shut out by their wing of the Establishment. Despite the other Establishment wing's best efforts to prevent it, however, Trumps' supporters may well overcome the enemy's right flank. When they pour in through that opening to go Cannae on an Establishment no longer able to effectively draw its weapons, they would be prudent to welcome those unsuccessfully charging the Establishment's left to circle around and join in the bloodbath from the opening Trump's cavalry charge has created.


jjbees said...

White guys getting outvoted by the women and blacks.

At some point they will have their come to jesus moment and realize that they want to work together with people who hate hate hate them.

Stop negotiating the terms of your surrender, vote trump.

Ben Kurtz said...

Trump-Sanders 2016! A Better America for all Americans (TM)!

I've been saying this for months.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count on much in the way of reinforcements from the Sanderites once they are trounced and Hillary gets the nomination. One of the Democrat's major advantages is that all of it's various wings have pretty much the same endgame in mind; they just differ on the speed and rate of getting there. Despite what they say now, after they take their beating the Sanders supporters will fall in line and vote for Hillary.

Audacious Epigone said...


It happened in '08 and it's happening again in '16. And there's a realistic chance it happens in '24, '32, '40, etc etc.

Ben Kurtz,

Stranger things have happened. The gulf on immigration and the National Question is probably too wide, though. Sanders' supporters are as bad as it gets on this, even worse than Clinton's are.


If he's able to peel off 1-in-10 disaffected white men who are currently supporting Sanders, that could swing the national vote 4% net, about the margin Romney lost by. No reason to alienate them, anyway. Sanders isn't going to get the nomination. Without the popular vote, which he isn't going to get, there's no way he'll convince the superdelegates.