Sunday, April 03, 2016

North Dakota provides a template for the future

North Dakota swore off a primary or caucus this election cycle. The state's lone congressional representative pledged his support for Trump on account of a straw poll in March that indicated a plurality of North Dakota Republican voters preferred the front runner.

But the state party establishment is firmly behind Cruz. Eight of the delegates (mostly state party members who were selected from a list of names, devoid of any indication of who they were planning on backing, at a single location in a state nearly the size of Kansas) said they were backing him. The rest remained mum but the smart money is that a sizable majority of them go for Cruz.

Erstwhile, Paul Ryan offered this bit of Orwellian war-is-peace, freedom-is-slavery commentary ahead of potential plans to take the presidential nomination for himself:
"When people distrust politics, they come to distrust institutions. They lose faith in their government, and the future too. We can acknowledge this. But we don’t have to accept it. And we cannot enable it either."
North Dakota is a template for the future. Both parties are learning, in the age of free media where the traditional gatekeepers can't control the discussion, just how dangerous it is to allow their electorates to have a say in who gets their parties' nominations.

Sanders may well end up with more votes than Clinton, and Trump will go into the Republican convention with a leading plurality by a margin of several million votes, yet it's increasingly looking like both, at the behest of each parties' national leadership, will get cut out of their respective nominations.

If either one of them wins, that gives frustrated voters on the other side an opportunity to offer a cutting protest vote. But if they both reject their electorates simultaneously and then mutually agree to never let something like this happen again, the problem of representation is solved kicked down the road another four years.

Secession, nullification, poolside. Withdraw consent to and support for the system in whatever way you're able to.


Anonymous said...

"the smart money is that a sizable majority of them go for Cruz."

The smart money=payoffs. Cruz has unlimited financial backing.

This is his game all over.


Dan said...

I think the powers that be are likely to inflame violence in this country, in the end. I am very surprised it hasn't happened yet, but the unbelievable amount of gun purchases in the last decade show that a lot of people have that on their minds.

I would be very unlikely to participate in violence myself because I have a family, a good job, and a whole lot to lose. I haven't the foggiest clue why rednecks who have been screwed six ways from Sunday and are armed to the gills are so damn peaceable.

Democracy is intrinsically anti-violence because the underlying principle is, what size of an army could you raise, theoretically? Now the morons in power are rejecting Democracy, forgetting why it is there.

Epigone, thoughts? Why do you think all those perpetually screwed-over rednecks are so peaceable?

The joke is on the alt-right, which said it didn't believe in Democracy. They found someone they liked, supported him, and at that moment Democracy ended.

Dan said...

I use the term 'redneck' with great affection of course.

Cruz gets an A+ from NumbersUSA while Trump gets an A-.

One thing interesting is that Cruz gets to skirt the extremist label because Trump absorbs all the fire.

I am paying close attention to the Wisconsin race -- the one in August that is. Please let Paul Ryan be primaried. A conservative in Wisconsin ought to vote for a Democrat for November if Ryan gets the nod.

The Z Blog said...

We're going to eventually learn that Mao was right. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

Audacious Epigone said...


If there is a silver lining here it's in the exposure.


The joke is on the alt-right, which said it didn't believe in Democracy. They found someone they liked, supported him, and at that moment Democracy ended.

Yes, to an extent, although not all the criticisms of democracy are of the Amerika variety. Many on the AltRight maintain that the consequences are all downstream of the quality of the population itself. Maybe those two things can't be untangled (we don't get the immigration bill of 1965 without democracy), but maybe they can be (see Japan).

My short answer on the relative tranquility of rednecks is that the US is so vast. It's still so easy for so many to see the cultural rot as something abstract. Seeing an image on a screen isn't enough to rally them for war.

Trump's grades are lower than Cruz's because he has a couple of "no action" categories. But Cruz has been great on illegal immigration. His prioritization of it is the question mark. Trump has made immigration the centerpiece of his campaign. His candidacy is a referendum on a wall. He has to deliver on it. Cruz may elect to spend 'political capital' elsewhere.


Your blog is, without question, my top find of 2016. I don't know how I missed it previously. Lucid and always, always perspicacious. Never a throw away sentence let alone a throw away post. That I could write so well.