Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Milo Yiannopolous says gays are shifting away from cultural Marxism

Nero asserts that gays are shifting away from the CultMarx left:

Maybe he's detecting the seminal stages of an impending shift but I suspect self-projection may be clouding his judgment.

I'd happily be proven wrong. Here, however, is how deviant sexual support shakes out in Reuters-Ipsos general election polling in a Trump vs Clinton match up (n = 683):

That's quite similar to the bugger drubbing Romney took in 2012:

This is more of an academic question than one of crucial electoral importance. Gays and bisexuals make up no more than 5% of the total electorate and tend to have demographic characteristics that favor the left (single, urban, irreligious, etc) even before sexuality is taken into account.

Yes, looking at the data here we see that Obama's strong margin of victory among gays was what gave him the edge over Romney, as both fared equally well among heterosexuals. But just like in the case of whites vis-a-vis Hispanics, if Republicans managed to do a few points better among heterosexuals the apparent electoral importance of gays would disappear.


The Z Blog said...

Homosexual, like all minority populations, back the winner. Given the general lunacy on display, gays rightly see the lunatics as the winner. That said, I suspect a lot of gays resent the tranny stuff. From what I gather, homosexuals have never liked the trannies. Plus, this probably feels like a bridge too far. Gays could be concerned about where things are headed.

That and "cultural Marxism" is not the right term. What we see today is just unhinged hatred of white men. It has no point beyond that.

Dan said...

It is a good point that these groups are overwhelmingly single and urban.

And more, what could be less conservative than homosexuality?

To be homosexual is to be off the charts in openness to experience (pun intended). That is already a leftish characteristic. Homosexuality is extinguishing one's own blood line. It is directly contrary to most religions. Its a wonder that any gays vote conservative.

Milo unique. He said gay is a choice for him.

I imagine him as a Christ-like sacrificial lamb, who chooses homosexuality so that he may give conservatives a voice. The ultimate in laying down one's life for his fellow man. (Probably not really, but its a cool story tho.)

Audacious Epigone said...


I have a few fairly close gay friends that, by happenstance, I've talked about transgenderism with, and they're all pretty dismissive of it. The gay 'struggle', such as it is, revolves around accepting who you are (and getting other people to accept it as well). Trannies don't accept who they are. They imagine themselves as something greater--just as I might imagine myself a half foot taller or my wife might imagine herself with bigger breasts--and then they act on those superficial desires to cosmetically change themselves into something they're not.


Regarding openness, it seems like that's the case for gay men, anyway. Not sure about lesbians.

Someone should put that fanciful conception you have to him. It'd be fun to hear him respond to it.

Santoculto said...

Avg people, on general, in politics, think

''who are those who 'are' explicitly in my favour**''

avg ''gays'' and blacks just vote thinking about their immediate survival.

there are a plenty of bright homossexuals but also a crowd of fake-smart, left-variety (illogical with some cognitive power) as well very stupid or just avg without instinctive intelligence.

dumb, unusual but very short-term efficient.

If i was a avg ''gay'' i very likely would think

''Why i will give my vote for someone who hate me implicitly or explicitly''

White bio-conservatism should think serious about their promiscuous and bad relationship with pseudo-religion like christianism.

I don't think by the gut-context but the overall context, it's difficult accept irrational hater against groups, for example, that you ''make part'', despising completely individuals, but to think and correctly/wisely never was a easy attitude.

Santoculto said...

sorry, usual and not unusual

little adhd

mental hyperactivity + laziness (no sinestesic hyperactivity) + little attention deficit.