Friday, March 18, 2016

Why the left hates Trump

They've always preferred ¡Jabe! 
Why is Trump getting so deeply under the left's skin while True Conservative Republicans like Cruz and Kasich barely register?

The answer is complex, but allow me to take a stab at the heart of it.

Kasich and Cruz, like the rest of Conservative, Inc, are propositionalists. They believe that with the correct incentives in place, the correct laws enforced, and the best military on the planet, America prospers. America doesn't need to become great again because it has always been and always will be great.

We have magic dirt. As long as they're in awe of its power, we want as many people as possible to be able to hold that dirt in their hands and let its powers flow through them. We'll even bring the dirt to those who don't have it. Not the fake dirt that Obama and Hillary brought to Libya (and that Dubya accidentally packed on his trips to Iraq and Afghanistan), mind you. No, no, this time we will bring them the real stuff!

The US is great because we're a nation of immigrants who love freedom and democracy.

The left isn't threatened by this nonsense. They know time is on their side, and while they still have to battle it out with the Cruzes and Kasichs of the world for electoral power now, with each passing day the ground shifts in their favor. This Conservative, Inc propositionalism has an expiration date.

Trump--even though he checks off fewer of the Conservative, Inc. boxes that the left allegedly hates (boo IRS, reform Medicare, etc) than other Republican candidates do--understands at least subconsciously that it's not the dirt that matters, it's the people standing on that dirt that do.

"Make America Great Again" doesn't take American exceptionalism as a given. To the contrary, we have to kick out the scofflaws from Mexico and the Middle East who are here and make sure those who are allowed to come stand on our dirt in the future are worth having around. He talks about how "walls work (ask Israel)", about "good genes", "great people", how "Merkel has destroyed Germany", how "Paris doesn't look like Paris anymore". He even employs a metaphor about poisonous snakes left out in the cold to describe the Syrian et al invaders refugees:

He parades his numerous, well-bred progeny around every chance he gets. It's the people, and the genetic makeup of those people, that make the country what it is. 

The US is great because we're comprised of northwestern Europeans (and a manageable minority of mulattoes) inhabiting an expansive, resource-rich plot of land with no serious neighborly competitors and a vast ocean that has insulated us from the civil wars that crippled the rest of the Western world. The dirt is just decoration. 

The left correctly views this as a mortal threat to its objectives.

In short, Kasich, Cruz, and all the other Conservative, Inc marionettes who campaign on masturbatory values are merely trying to turn the radio station to music the left doesn't like as the car heads towards the left's promised land.

Trump, in contrast, notices that someone else has wormed his way into the driver's seat. He's going to throw that guy out onto the highway and get the old chauffeur out of the trunk so he can get back in driver's seat and turn the car around. Hell, he'll get behind the wheel himself if that's what it takes.

If the left wants to pick the radio station through the next commercial break to seal the deal, fine. That's a deal he's happy to make.


Ron Guhname said...

Another item of evidence was Trump's suggestion at the CPAC conference in 2013 that we shift our immigration focus to Europeans who want to come here.

Audacious Epigone said...

Good point.

tanabear said...

This is something that some conservatives do not seem understand. There is only one issue that matters, immigration. Think of the other issues that conservatives care about, abortion, low taxes and spending, reducing the debt, national security, higher paying jobs etc. All these issues will be overwhelmed if immigration is not stopped. Imagine if we had a tax and spend liberal as President during the 1980's, like Mondale, but he was a border control guy. He didn't let in millions of low skilled workers and didn't offer amnesty like Reagan. Well, today California could still be a Republican state, and if Democrats ran the state into the ground the people would be willing to vote for a Republican. But immigration has made it impossible to ever elect another Republican governor, and therefore all those other issues conservatives care about are now pointless.

If the ship is sinking your primary goal is to stop the ship from taking on water. If not, everything you care about will be washed away. But some conservatives are whining, "I don't like music Trump is playing."

Audacious Epigone said...


Exactly. Every issue Republicans care about is downstream from immigration but they still won't come to grips with it. They say Trump's popularity shows the power of celebrity, etc almost completely ignoring that immigration is what he launched his campaign on and it's why the left hates him so much.

JayMan said...

Well, see my latest piece over at the Unz Review:

The Donald Trump Phenomenon: Part 2: Binary Thinking

"Hence, we see the hatred and derision directed towards Donald Trump. In the modern Western religion of antiracism/political correctness, Trump and his potential ascent to the White House represents the possible end of our politically correct society. Indeed, Trump isn’t just a divisive presidential candidate; to adherents of antiracism/political correctness, Trump is the Antichrist.

To merely speak openly about the possibility of any inherited biological group difference, no matter how limited, or small, can lead to discussion of other, possibly larger differences. This opens the door to a Pandora’s box of inherited biological group differences. Perhaps it will turn out that there are “winner” and “loser” groups in today’s modern world."

Audacious Epigone said...

I read it this morning after writing that post last night. I like seeing confirmation that I'm channeling a great mind like yours!

Luke Lea said...

Can you also explain why the left wants what it does? Sounds like they are also propositionalists. Which might explain why both liberals and "conservatives" are going batshit crazy.

Ian F. Shield said...

What makes you think that Trump is serious about immigration, or anything other issue?

What do you think he means by the "big, beautiful door" he's going to put in the wall Mexico is supposedly going pay for?

Why does he only talk about "illegal" immigration, why does he lapse into open-borders talking points about "jobs Americans won't do" when left to his own devices, why does he say he intends to deport illegal aliens and then to immediately bring "the good ones" back?

Audacious Epigone said...

Luke Lea,

The anti-racists (or Anti-Racists if we want to give it the prestige the West's leading religion deserves!) are Manichean. Maybe propositional for whites in the sense that if they prostrate and degrade their co-ethnics enough they are granted provisional in-status, but many of them have to realize that demographic change increases their power. Or maybe they just sense that if they play the propositional game while the right doesn't, they'll potentially be at a disadvantage because of the appeal to ethnicity and heritage has (even if they think it's crap). They're happy if both sides go propositional though, since they're winning that war and will continue winning it indefinitely.


He's talked about it every opportunity he's had and he's lined up endorsements from the three most serious practicing restrictonists in the country--Joe Arpaio, Jeff Sessions, and Kris Kobach.

He's talked about non-white crime and about how the US should increase immigration from Europe and decrease it from Mexico. The "jobs Americans won't do" was a one-time slip up in a debate format. He's Mr. "You're fired!" When he talks about only bringing back the good ones, I'm comfortable that his instinct is to set the bar pretty high.

To complain about that is in my view to make the perfect the enemy of the good.

chris said...

How do we know Trump is for real?

He lost millions of dollars coming out with the opinions/positions he has and he did it before he even knew it would make him popular with the voters.

TrumpTrain said...

His golf courses have come under fire, he lost the Miss America contest, he's in a lawsuit with Univision and Macys dropped his line, he's off Apprentice. No way this has been just cynical business move. If it is it back-fired spectacularly. He is 70, America has been great to him, probably now wants to give back.

Dan said...

There are so many cowards out there.

Why aren't there more important public figures who are willing to risk a little to save their country?

Trump is giving a lot of people cover right now by absorbing more than almost anyone in my memory. I'd think a few more public figures would say a little bit more dangerous speech.

People work their whole lives to live in a certain "safer" neighborhood and yet would rather die than speak up...

Dan said...

David "I publically proclaim my sexual arousal over Barack Obama's pants crease and my urge that he rule over me" Brooks has been pretty much losing his mind recently over Trump.

David "my son actually went over to Israel specifically to fight alongside IDF while I seek to destroy America's nationhood" Brooks is clearly suffering right now, and that gives me consolation in the face of all that is wrong with the world.

Audacious Epigone said...


I'm glad you read Brooks so I don't have to. I used to listen to him on NPR on a fairly regular basis and the only upshot from it was a confirmation that the major media has no interest in representing viewpoints not just antithetical but even orthogonal to their own. I'd heard Brooks was a NYT token "conservative" and listening to him week after week confirmed it. He was almost indistinguishable from the Dionne guy he was allegedly contrasting to. I guess maybe he aligns with the Alt Right on opposing tax increases. That's about it.

Joshua Sinistar said...

There are two ways to change demographics. Immigration and elimination. End one or get the other, including the cucks and traitors. They don't understand the concept of power.

Black Death said...

David Brooks is the type of token "conservative" (read: not conservative at all) that the MSM favor ("See! We present all sides! We even have conservatives on our op-ed page!"). Sort of like Jennifer Rubin at the WashPo. When these rags start running Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Steve Sailer or John Derbyshire, well, maybe I'll reconsider my position.

Audacious Epigone said...


They may not care about demographic change, but demographic change cares about them. Ditto the realities of power.

Black Death,

Yes, it's embarrassing.

Joshua Sinistar said...

You give the left way too much credit. These bozos are nowhere near as deep or smart as they pretend. Sure Lincoln's Party is the Stupid Party, but the Left is hardly the land of thought either. The blacks voted black, the non-Whites voted non-White and the Lib Whites vote for cool. Hillary is dying because she's not cool. That old dinosaur Bernie may be boring, but he uses those cool buzzwords like the media. The Left hates Trump cause he's cool. He's not them but cool. Its like their worst nightmare. These idiots don't really have any philosophy and all that ideology is just Marxism spoon fed in college. All the Left has is cool. The Right is soooo uncool and square, but Trump he's the epitome of cool and Hillary isn't. Its killing them. They really are that shallow.