Sunday, March 06, 2016

Trump's strong support among current and former military

A guest on Tom Woods' podcast, who worked in intelligence in the state department leading up to and during the Iraq war, mentioned she didn't think Trump's comments in South Carolina about Bush lying hurt him. To the contrary, she said that while current and former military show strong, patriotic faces in public, there is a lot of regret and resentment behind closed doors in families where soldiers were sent off to be permanently damaged or die on a fool's errand.

The data seems to validate her assertion. In eight states were exit polling has been conducted, Trump has done better with current and former military than he has done with civilians in all but one of them. His support in each state among those who are current or former military and those who aren't:

South Carolina35%31%

Trump is the least bellicose of the remaining Republican presidential candidates, especially towards other states--to my knowledge he hasn't even hinted at military action against any other country, only the obligatory pledge to destroy ISIS--and veteran affairs make a fairly regular appearance in his stump speeches.

Turns out America's warriors aren't gunning for a guy like Kasich to send them against Russia if the bear does something the US government deems unacceptable to Finland. Good for them.


Anonymous said...

As former military myself, I'm not surprised.

Presidential polling in earlier races have shown that Libertarian candidates have always done far better among serving military than among the civilian population. Military folks know they are there to risk their lives if need be, but you don't want to do it for stupid reasons.

Derrick Bonsell said...

I think this is why we see Trump, who has time and again pushed back against the "shoot down Russian planes" crowd, get slammed as a warmonger, and have people say "the military will have to disobey Trump," or that Trump "can't be trusted with nukes." These being the same people who haven't found a war they haven't yet supported.

It's all an attempt to pry veterans away from Trump.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, Ron Paul got a lot of military support, too.


It is frustrating to hear so many people with mainstream right instincts parrot the "Trump would blow up the world" talking point. That someone who prefers a "make the sand glow" Cruz, bomb Russia if Russia does anything to Finland Kasich, or double Dubya Rubio, can use Trump's putative militancy as a reason to oppose Trump and support one of these neocons shows how little attention many of them are paying.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Its always interesting to see how the Military has been misused to not defend America but destabilize the neighbors of the Israelis. I suppose it has the double benefit to these traitors to take strong Americans away from defending their homes and families from the current ongoing invasion, while lining the pockets of defense contractors who profit from the use of bombs and weapons dropped on far away lands away from the prying eyes of media or cameras to judge the effectiveness of the strategy.
Iraq could have been an easy and swift victory if that idiot Bush hadn't tried to remake Iraq into a pluralist democracy with the ridiculous nation building exercise that the military is not trained to do. These idiots with their delusions of grandeur inevitably try to change the world with ludicrous social engineering schemes.

Dan said...

Well this might help explain why Trump won Hawaii solidly.

Audacious Epigone said...


That Trump keeps saying "Walls work, just ask Israel" and "Iraq was a big, fat mistake" is an ingeniously pithy, consumable way to more-or-less communicate everything you point out. Enlisted US military personnel are being cucked, hard.


What a crap shoot that was. Your explanation is as good as any. Not surprisingly, there are no exit polling data from the state.