Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NumbersUSA scorecards for congressional endorsements of Republican presidential candidates

Using NumbersUSA's immigration scorecard grading system and 538's primary endorsement methodology where senatorial endorsements are worth five times what house endorsements are worth, and also discounting endorsements from current congress critters who originally endorsed a a top candidate (as a Trumpian this pains me because I'd love to throw Lindsey Graham's cuckservative performance into Cruz's average but it would be misleading to do so) the mean NumbersUSA scorecard values on a scale from 0% (total open borders) to 100% (unapologetic restrictionism) for Trump's and Cruz's congressional endorsements are 87.5% and 86.6%, respectively.

Trump has the marginal advantage. Both are above not just the congressional average but the Republican average as well. In contrast, Kasich's endorsers collectively earn an unimpressive 71.9%.

Given that a year ago the punditry class was predicting something like Rubio vs ¡Jabe! at this point in the nomination process, this is something for restrictionists to be pleased about.

Here's to the speech that launched 1,000 busloads back to Mexico.

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