Monday, February 15, 2016

Trump's success a repudiation of Dubya/McCain/Graham/neocon invade/invite/in debt Republicanism

Here's Dubya in October of 2000 complaining about 'racial' profiling of Arabs in US airports:

Less than a year later, 19 Arabs hijacked four commercial airliners and killed 3,000 Americans. At least one of them (and probably more)--the 'mastermind'--seemed suspicious to a ticket checker who kept him off a connecting flight to his ultimate suicide destination, but who didn't notify authorities about Atta because, well, when the emperor is telling you not to notice things, it can be career-killing for a functionary to raise about all those things he's noticing.

Trump was right to assert that Dubya did not, in fact, keep the US safe vis-a-vis 9/11:

Trump's candidacy is a referendum on a wall along the US-Mexico border. During the South Carolina debate, the success of his candidacy also became a repudiation of the Dubya/McCain/Graham/neocon Republicanism of the last two decades.

Tangentially, I still see assertions that Trump is a Clinton plant. Taking that absurdity as fact for the sake of argument, he'd still be worth supporting. He's illustrating that America-first populism is a winning formula for aspiring Republican presidential candidates. Irrespective of the ultimate outcome of his campaign, he's blazing the trail. Those following behind him will face less resistance than he has as a consequence.


tanabear said...

Trump's candidacy is more than just a referendum on a Wall, but a stingy rebuke to all things politically correct. Political correctness is the governing ideology of our age, as Communism was governing ideology of the old USSR. What does it matter if one Soviet premier succeeds another(Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko) the governing principle is the same. Every President, at least since Clinton(overtly), has been ruled strongly by PC ideology. Trump would break this chain and play the part Gorbachev played in the old Soviet Union. That is why Trump is hated, he is a threat to elite power.

p.s. As an aside I am wondering how many people on the alt/paleo Right still believe the official account of 9/11? I have noticed that among some bloggers(Paul Kersey(SBPDL), RooshV etc...) that it is pretty much assumed to be false now.

Anonymous said...


I've seen polls that ~50% of U.S. citizens do not believe the official account of 9/11. On the alt-right, I'd assume that would be closer to 90%.

Audacious Epigone said...

Polls I've looked at show around 10% rejected the official story completely, ~40% with reservations, and 50% accepting the official narrative. As anonymous suspects, I bet skepticism is stronger among those on the AltRight (though it's difficult to distill who qualifies as AltRight from public opinion polling).