Saturday, February 13, 2016

Trump understands civilizational incompatibilities

In less than two minutes, Trump illustrates why his phenomenon is the most exciting, consequential political development of my lifetime:

We'll have national sovereignty. To the neocons and the cuckservatives who have a problem with it, go tell Netanyahu how awful he is, then get back to me.

Merkel has destroyed Germany.

Native Swedes resorting to vigilante justice to defend a homeland their ruling classes won't? No supercilious rebuke from me. To the contrary, I sympathize with them as they fight back.

Miscreant protester screeching about Hate!--"get him the hell out of here".

His instincts--remember, he's speaking extemporaneously here--are golden.


Walser said...

Unfortunately you're dead right about Merkel and what she has done to my country, Germany. More unfortunately stil, she's not a lone crazy but acting out the crazy humanitarian and, partly, atonement fantasies of a large number of my fellow countrymen (or rather, truth be told, my fellow countrywomen). It is all the culmination of decades of leftist, anti-national propaganda and indoctrination in which every national impulse was equated with nazism.

Under the onslaught of the Muslim reality people are beginning to learn, to distrust the media, even the Cathedral generally. But it's a painfully slow process -- maybe too slow under the new realities that rapidly are being created.

In one way or another, this is not going to end well (as Z Man likes to say). There will be blood flowing in the roads, down the road. The only questions that to my mind remains is, whose blood mainly?

Hopefully, as the US to a large extent is the trailblazer for political trends that manifest themselves in Germany with a few years delay, the Trump phenomenon will be a harbinger for German future developments too.

I understand that the temptation to heap scorn on the clueless Europeans (with Germans being among the vanguard) can be strong. In light of this, any residual American alt-right solidarity with the beleaguered freedom-loving neo-nationalists of Europe and Germany is appreciated.

As to your reaction to the recent robust Swedish citizens' self-help initiative in view of the authorities' dereliction of dury, it exactly duplicates mine.

Dan said...

May God bless and protect his son Antonin Scalia, who labored for so many years on our behalf.

An only child, he leaves behind 36 grandchildren so far. To use a football analogy, he left it all on the field and died fighting. Thank you sir.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

@Walser ~ Many of sympathise with the German plight and are making plans to volunteer if or when fighting breaks out.

Walser said...

Laguna Beach Fogey,

sympathy and kind words appreciated, bro. Let's hope my nation belatedly lives up to the challenge and by and large comes to its senses again (so that you can stay home, or if you come, then for more pleasant reasons).

Following US developments closely, and drawing some inspiration from it.

Best, W.

Audacious Epigone said...


The cuckservative so-called right in this country is on the wane. Trump is the most salient example of that--and man, did he do yeoman's work tonight in the GOP debate, mercilessly savaging the W Bush presidency and the disastrous Iraq war which, by destabilizing the Middle East, was the prime move in the migration crisis that is now destroying Europe--but he's not acting alone. There is an accreting army marching in front, behind, and beside him.

The days of boycotting France for not joining up in stupid messianic democracy adventures is over. There is a lot of solidarity with what you're going through over there, and it's growing by the day. Stay strong and vigilant.


That he might be a metaphor for Western Civilization as a whole.

Blact Death said...

Look at this garbage from Peter Wittig, Germany's ambassador to the US:

For those refugees in Germany who want to stay in Germany, the German government has been clear that they must adhere to German laws and respect national values, including equal rights for women and men; equal protections for religions and sexual orientation; and the firm commitment to Germany's special responsibility toward Israel.

"The vast majority of today’s refugees have come to Germany precisely because of the absence of values-based rule of law in their home countries. They desire freedom from religious persecution, sectarian violence, or war waged against them by their own government. We must do all we can to help them successfully integrate."


Trump really nails it - thanks for the link. He is the only politician I enjoy listening to, not just because I agree with him, but because he is so politically incorrect. He really tells it like it is. He reminds me of Ronald Reagan.

BTW, I already voted absentee in my state's primary next month - for Trump, of course!

szopen said...

You know, I am not an american citizen and moreover, I - as you can easily guess from my poor ENglish - I am not even a native speaker. Nevertheless, I hear Trump and I can't understand why he energizes crowds so easily, or why he is called a great speaker. I am not saying here about his message, but about his way of delivering it. Does he really sounds so differently to native speakers?

Audacious Epigone said...

Blact Death,

Propositionalism at its ugliest. Clear that they must adhere to German blah blah blah or what? What happens to them if they don't?


He has a lot of charisma. He's not polished, but his delivery is organically attuned to his environment, and he gets the crowd to buy in like no other politician can. He's sort of like an interactive talk radio host in that regard. Additionally, because he's extemporaneous, his non-verbal cues always sync up with the words he is actually saying. With some of these other robots like Rubio, who just memorize chunks of words to repeat, there are times when the audience gets hit with a weird dissonance, detecting that something is awry without really being able to pinpoint what. That never happens with Trump.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

What is interesting fo me in the video was that Trump's supporters all know the "Anti-protestor Standard Operating Procdure" and immediately drowns out the protest.

Then Trump publicly turns his back on same while they are physically moved out.

And it happens over and over.

This is a very simple but effective bonding technique between a political candidate and his supporters to supercharge a political movement/revolution against a common enemy.

It never fails to amaze me that these protestors don't understand they are now pre-planned props for every Trump rally.

They are helping Trump get elected.

Blact Death said...

AE -

"Propositionalism at its ugliest. Clear that they must adhere to German blah blah blah or what? What happens to them if they don't?"


True, and in this case, Ambassador Wittig in Washington becomes Herr Wittig in Germany if he doesn't follow the party line from Frau Merkel. What garbage!

Audacious Epigone said...


Right, not just in terms of the 15k people witnessing it firsthand, but also the hordes of people who see it afterwards. Takes a lot of bite out of the fascism/intolerance charge--it's the protestor jokers who are always trying to silence free speech, etc.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

That an American billionaire is out street theatering the American Left flat boggles the mind, AE.

Yet there it is.

That is the Genius of Trump.