Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama, Francis commit unforced errors in Trump's favor

The Confederate-flag hating blackety-black occupying the Oval Office and the head papistical muckety-muck both impugn an unapologetically white Protestant just days before a primary in the Deep South, in a state that is one of the most fervently Protestant in the country. Beautiful.

It gets better. Obama--who is notorious for jetting around on long vacations, playing lots of golf, and for not burning the midnight oil to twist arms and make political deals--questions Trump's ability to take the presidency seriously. Obama even underscores Trump's America-First appeal by contrasting it to his own:
"Whoever's standing where I'm standing right now ... is often responsible for not just the United States of America, but 20 other countries that are having big problems, or are falling apart and are gonna be looking for us to do something."
The Pope is easier still. Immediately after Francis insinuated Trump's pledge to build a wall along the US-Mexico border shows that he is not a Christian, pictures of the giant walls surrounding the Vatican began circulating all over social media:

Even cuckservatives like Rush Limbaugh, who recently endorsed Ted Cruz, had no choice but to come to Trump's defense. Re-applicants through that door, please.


Mil-Tech Bard said...

The Pope certainly did provide Trump with a hypocritical "big fat wet kiss" to fire up his supporters.

This is just one of the sort of identity issue things that Latin Lefties do.

I expect a lot more such face palm moments from this Pope.

Maybe even more during this election cycle.

Dan said...

Trump was being gracious and Presidential. He could have really destroyed the Pope, but that wouldn't have help him.

This is the tremendous advantage of leftist politicians. They have so many proxies in the media to fight their battles for them.

Google has tremendous power and they are using it against Trump. Look at the image that comes up when you search for Trump in Google. Disgraceful, the worst image available.

Meanwhile Hillary gets a pleasant politician's photo.

There is no doubt in my mind that Google will manipulate search results to elevate hit pieces.

Remember, Google allowed the first hit on Santorum to be a gay poo reference throughout the 2012 campaign, something they would never do for a Dem pol.

Casher O'Neill said...

The Pope was set up by a Reuters reporter, who lied to him saying that Trump was calling him nasty names, and threatening things that Trump himself in the past denied. He then tried to get him to condemn Trump and say Catholics couldn't vote for him. The Pope refused and gave a vague answer, since he did not know the truth of the allegations. So the news stories chopped up the Pope's answer, hid the question, filled in the gaps and editors added completely false headlines. There was no error, forced or otherwise, just rank deception. Read the original interview in full rather than the stories.

Audacious Epigone said...

Mil-Tech Bard,

I don't see this doing anything but benefitting Trump in SC.


You're a provider of endless post material. Much appreciated.


I read the Pope's full quotations, but not the question they were in response to (full here). I should've done my due diligence, thanks.

Yes, the Reuters reporter was clearly fishing for a statement of condemnation, and Francis didn't give it explicitly. However, he did clearly insinuate that Trump wasn't a Christian (whatever that means, exactly). A trap was set for him and he fell into it.

Dan said...

"I don't see this doing anything but benefitting Trump in SC."

We shall see. The Pope is the number one religious figure in the world, by a fairly large margin. Who's next? Protestants are stuck with him as a spokesperson on religious matters because they haven't got the equivalent. I'm not Catholic, but that's how I see it. The Pope didn't say, 'not Catholic', he said, 'not Christian.' There is not protestant Pope to set the record straight.

Has this guy ever come down on any other person one God's green Earth as 'not Christian'?

Trump has withstood a lot, but good grief. You can't keep getting nuked from space like that, even if you are Trump. Maybe this revolution just isn't possible.

In any case, conservatives rarely beat the left. The left crushes the right. And then GNON bashes the left on the skull with the baseball bat of reality. That is the natural order.

That is to say, if Trump can't do it, there's always GNON. Not my first choice.

Dan said...

On the other hand, if Trump makes it through the whole gauntlet it would be time to start making pilgrimages to places associated with him, for religious purposes.

expeedee said...

I think the revolution is definitely possible. The question is how bad do things need to get in order for the revolution to begin. The country is deeply divided, not only along political and ideological lines, but also along ethnic and racial lines. The revolution will begin no matter who wins the presidency.

Audacious Epigone said...


Has this guy ever come down on any other person one God's green Earth as 'not Christian'?

But isn't that what makes the criticism so absurd? Trump is the worst person in the world? Really?

The ancestors of those Protestants who have no corresponding figure to turn to used to refer to the pope as the antichrist.

I hope I get the better of you on this one!


Right, this doesn't go away even if Trump does. He's not a cause, he's the champion of a cause. Sanders too. Like a Roman general hailed as Caesar by mutinous soldiers, Sanders had a mob pushing him into the presidential race, a mob that didn't want "no" as an answer.

Dan said...

"I hope I get the better of you on this one!"

Take a bow. A 10-point win counts after the week that Trump had. If he had said Hillary was not a Christian, the left would demand, and get, a new Pope.

In any event, the Pope has probably now blown his wad. Jeez.

Audacious Epigone said...

He slightly outperformed the RCP average, which I'll certainly take given the gauntlet he ran through the week leading up to the primary. His opposition is positively apoplectic now, much more so than they were after New Hampshire, so that's good.