Monday, February 22, 2016

Flame wars

Seeing this:

Served as an impetus for these:


Anonymous said...

Updating some priors on Charles Murray: I scrolled through his twitter and saw how buddy-buddy he is with some of the National Review cucks. I thought it was just because of "politeness" that he opposed Trump, now I'm thinking he sucks up to the Jews more than anything. Like many mentally cucked WASPs, his idea of whats proper is "what is jew approved".

I also think back to reverence he gives Jewish IQ in his works, never once touching on their unpleasant characteristics. Plenty of Jews are okay with race realism in IQ, especially when the author notes their superiority. But when it comes to securing the border of America, well those Jews are an extremely small minority.

(I'm under the impression that despite the last name, Murray himself is not Jewish. If he is, that explains it entirely.)

Sorry if this isn't the place for that observation (no idea how you feel about the JQ).

Audacious Epigone said...

He's not Jewish (he seems to be some kind of Quaker to the extent that he's religious at all), but yes, between AEI and NR, there are a lot of Jews in his professional circles.

I'm ever curious on the Jewish Question, but candor is always encouraged here so no need to fret about that.