Sunday, January 17, 2016

Starry-eyed xenophilia

Heartiste points to a paper by Satoshi Kanazawa hypothesizing that "women should fear alien rule much less than men" do, but that these sex differences in attitude are specifically attributable to women under the age 50. The biological vehicle posited for driving this disparity is reproductive in nature. Nubile women want to reproduce with the strongest, smartest, most dominant and capable men they are able to. If the men they're with are to be replaced by better men, so be it.

Kanazawa's paper exists in the context of warring societies, so looking at attitudes towards immigration may not plumb the depths of sentiment deeply enough, but it's not an implausible proxy.

Reuters/Ipsos administered a great poll--with a ternary "deport most/all", "allow most/all to stay" and the regrettable but necessary "unsure" cop-out--on the question of immigration in the US. To avoid confusing putative invaders with perceived relatives among chicanos and latinas living in the US and to steer clear of racial confounding more generally, only non-Hispanic whites are subsequently considered.

On two of three fronts, the polling data lend credence to Kanazawa's hypothesis.

One, men (66.3%-25.5% for "deporting most/all"-"allowing most/all to stay", respectively) are more likely to favor deportation than women (60.4%-28.7%).

Two, women aged 50 and older (69.1%-21.9%) are far more likely to favor deportation than women under 40 (44.9%-44.0%).

Three, however, causes some uncertainty. Men aged 50 and older (73.3%-21.0%) are similarly far more likely to favor deportation than men under 40 (49.1%-38.5%). Younger men are thus more xenophilic than older women. Age is a stronger predictor of xenophilia than sex is.

Heartiste anticipates this and offers a potential explanation:
Anecdotally, I have heard far more support for rapefugees, and more generally for open borders, from young White women than I have from any other group of people. (The men I know don’t bring it up, but a few of them, when forced into a conversation about it, hemmed and hawed or meekly cosigned their girlfriends’ opinions. Even the alphas are susceptible to this inglorious path of least resistance.)
Interesting food for thought. Far, far too interesting to be discussed in the major media, of course.


Jack Burton said...

Hitler said that women were greater supporters of his than men.

Anecdotal sources are not reliable.

You're leaving out political context and media control. Women generally do not buck the status quo. Women rely more on groupthink than men do.

In confrontations women are more likely to flee or fawn, not fight. Women are not conquerors.

You can't just reduce everything to sex and reproduction. That's rather revealing of the individual who posits such a fetishized view of the world.

Audacious Epigone said...


Right, but you can't ignore sex and reproduction--or biology more generally--either, and yet that is largely how public discussions existing inside the Overton Window are conducted.

Good point regarding social conformity as a strong explanatory candidate. When it comes to insecurity/reluctance to "tell it like it is", the most secure to least secure list runs the same as the deport to let stay list does: Old men, old women, young men, young women.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Young women are not soldiers they're booty. Like treasures to be split by conquerors. But we have no army standing in front of us. These are bums with their hands out. They expect us to hand it over because the liars and traitors told them they deserve it. These are the times that try mens souls. Crush your enemies, and all you desire shall be yours. Law is meaningless now. Its unread, and unreadable. Incomprehensible gobbledygook to be abused by unelected judges and bureaucrats. They can't even imagine resistance. They will be poor competition, but excellent ducks lined up all in a row of misbegotten rotten fruits of whores and fake welfare queens. Power is not given its taken. No one has control unless they have force behind them. You are facing a paper tiger. These treasonous fools have brought welfare tourists seeking a free vacation. Some may fight, most will not. They didn't fight in their homeland, I doubt they will fight in yours.