Saturday, January 30, 2016

Buggers for Bernie?

Pumpkin Person writes:
Meanwhile gay men who attacked my candidate in 2007-2008, are also now attacking my bro Bernie Sanders. Hillary’s gay attack dog David Brock has viciously accused this wonderful man of being a racist simply because his recent ad included too many whites.Meanwhile gay men who attacked my candidate in 2007-2008, are also now attacking my bro Bernie Sanders. 
Brock was a hardcore right-wing wacko until he became so impressed by the Diva who wont back down, that he threw his own party under the bus to become a Clinton shill, accusing prominent conservatives like Matt Drudge of being secretly gay.
This assessment is not one I'd have assumed to be the case. Hillary crushes Sanders among black and Hispanic Democrats, and those groups, especially the former, treat homosexuality with much less reverence than whites do, let alone liberal whites. Homosexuality, especially male homosexuality, is characterized by neotenous cognitive, behavioral, and emotional traits. As Bernie appeals to college kids, so I'd expect him to appeal to gays.

Reuters/Ipsos polling appears to lend credence to my skepticism. Support among Democrat homos, bisexuals, and those identifying their sexual orientations as "other" in the latest Reuters/Ipsos five-day national tracking survey:

The same among Democrat heteros:

That doesn't imply that high profile, self-appointed gay spokespeople support Sanders, though. Virtually no one in the Democrat establishment does, after all.


Aeoli Pera said...

Narcissists will always revere psychopaths. It's a natural hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

Gays are further left than straights, so why would we not expect gays to feel (heh, heh) the bern?

Samadhi said...

Gayness and neotenous development - interesting stuff.

Dan said...

I honestly don't understand how Bernie has only 2 representatives and 0 senators supporting him. He has been in Congress since 1988, almost 30 years!

Surely there is someone he has lunch with? He has been in the Senate since 2007... Surely he has someone that he chats with at the water cooler, a buddy he likes to sit next to while congress is in session?

Is the Democratic/Clinton machine so powerful, that it can deny Sanders a single Senate friend?


Meanwhile Trump still has not a single endorsement point. Has any Democratic government ever been less in touch with its voters?

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, for gay men anyway. Revisit your own personal experiences and I suspect it'll become increasingly plausible to you as you do so. It certainly did for me when I first came across Agnostic's assertions.

Audacious Epigone said...


The Clintons' vindictiveness is notorious. If I had to guess, I'd chalk it up almost entirely to pusillanimous self-preservation.

If Trump and Sanders win their respective nominations, it'll be fun to watch Nate Silver squirm as he tries to apologize for his emphasis on the telling power of (active) political endorsements though! Sanders has two (Hillary has 463), Trump has zero (¡Jabe! has 51).