Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Beta Bernie a ladies' man?

The Woman Card isn't the ace up Hillary Clinton's sleeve. She played it against Trump. He mana drained it by throwing Bill Clinton back in her face. For someone as skilled in the art of the reframe as Trump, it was just too easy.

It wasn't Trump's only option, either. He could've pointed out how underwhelming Hillary's performance among women in her own party is. The most recent results of Reuters/Ipsos five-day national tracking poll among female Democrats:

If that's how Hillary is doing among putative natural backers, a supporter might cringe wondering how she must fare with men. However, there is no contest. Hillary crushes Bernie Sanders among male Democrats:

She is younger than him, so there's that
How to explain Sanders' female appeal (or male repulsion)? An alpha he is not, as his supine prostration in the face of a couple of squawking, fat harpies revealed to the world and as a picture of he and his homely wife confirms. An easy answer is that he's a self-described socialist, and women like socialism more than men do. It could also be that, relative to Hillary, he is a foreign policy dove and that repels men more than it does women. Or it could be a consequence of effete manlets eagerly brandishing theiir Go Grrrl! credentials.

Speaking of alpha characteristics, while they may prove irresistible in person, it's not clear that they necessarily translate into political support from afar. The same Reuters/Ipsos five-day national tracking poll shows Trump with 37% of female Republican support compared to 41% of male Republican support. Pretty boy Marco Rubio (the Robert Redford of this Heartiste post), in contrast, gets just 6% of male Republican support compared to 7.4% female Republican support (yes, the establishment's last great hope is now bumping around 7% in national polling). A lot of people like Trump, but the people who seem to like him the most are the kinds of people who are able to envision themselves working for him and his company.

Parenthetically, when among members of your own party you're getting beaten by "wouldn't vote", it's time to throw in the towel. Yeah, we're looking at you, Martin one-person-rally O'Malley.


Dan said...

"The same Reuters/Ipsos five-day national tracking poll shows Trump with 37% of female Republican support compared to 41% of male Republican support. "

Why isn't Trump doing better with women?

(1) Women want social confirmation and Trump is not the socially approved candidate.
(2) You have to think non-linearly. Trump is moving the Overton window. I bet more men that women are able to understand what is going on there.
(3) Some women including my mom, are viscerally offended by a guy who cheated on his first wives.

(1) and (2) can change. (3) is a bit more of a problem.

Can Trump show that he is presently a committed and faithful husband of many years to the satisfaction of my mom?

Anonymous said...

just to squash one of the theories, women dont like him because hes a foreign policy dove. your avg. woman doesnt know anything about foreign policy, and doesnt care about it. ive talked to a couple dozen women who like bernie, not one mentioned anything about foreign policy.

chris said...

"Why isn't Trump doing better with women?"

1) Women want security above all else.

2) Women are persuaded best by emotions rather than reason.

The security argument offered by Trump is protection from non-white violence and rape for them and their (future) families.

Emotional persuasive tactics for such an argument are proscribed. Hence they cannot often be executed. This is due to their categorisation as racism and/or hate speech.

The security argument offered by Bernie is unlimited provisioning for them and their (future) families.

Emotional persuasive tactics for such an argument are not proscribed. Hence they can be commonly executed.

Dan said...

On the Bernie thing, I would bet that many more men than women know the history of socialism, i.e. that collapses economies everywhere.

Women are less into history.

My boss told me he supports Hillary. His reasoning is that Bill was good and Bill would be the real president behind the scenes.

Black Death said...

@Dan -

You're right about the reason that some people support Hillary, but I don't think the idea itself has much validity. Bill didn't help Hillary much when she was Secretary of State and screwed up Benghazi and Libya - she was one of the worst Secretaries of State in memory. Also, they both belong in jail - Bill for obstruction of justice and perjury, Hillary for the emails containing classified materials. But laws are for the little people.

Audacious Epigone said...


His first wife has said nice things about him recently. I wonder if she'll keep that up. I don't know anything about the second wife.


To an extent they are. It's not a hopeless cause, though. For one, Trump isn't particularly adherent to those proscriptions. And he does go into detail on the individual stories of high-familiarity victims of illegal immigrant crime in his speeches. That never makes it into the major media reports, but he has 10 million social media followers, so it does get out there and, anecdotally, I know it is not without affect.

Black Death,

Right. It was obvious when she was appointed that she would be gunning for the presidency in 2016, so there would've been strong incentive for her to display something other than reckless incompetence while secretary of state, but Bill obviously couldn't make that happen.

Anonymous said...


(3) is why I won't be voting for Trump or Sanders. Adultery and divorce are abominations. The MRA/PUA/redpill crowd encourages male promiscuity, adultery, and male-initiated divorce. This is why I hate them just as much as feminists, who are the female mirror image to them. In fact, the more White men turn to the MRA/PUA/redpill lifestyle the more marrying outside of the White race starts to make sense. (Obviously I won't be marrying a Black or Hispanic man though)