Sunday, January 03, 2016

A conspicuous absence in Google's Year in Search 2015

Via the great magnate, Google's tribute to 2015's "year in search":

Nine search phrase inputs are highlighted in the video. Verbatim, they are:

- how can i help the refugees
- why can't women be army rangers
- what does the confederate flag stand for
- how can we overcome prejudice
- why was there a cuban embargo
- what color is the dress
- how can the world find peace
- are you born transgender
- how can we rebuild nepal

In the subsequent graph, they are shortened to the following:

- help refugees
- army rangers
- confederate flag
- overcome prejudice
- cuban embargo
- dress color
- world peace
- born transgender
- rebuild nepal

They are truncated to two key words in each of the searches to ensure the capture of multiple variations on the spirit of those searches. This allows for an apples-to-apples comparison to be made, using Google Trends, to the first mystery bar that towers above the putative top searches Google chose to shine the spotlight on in its annual agitprop compendium:

The builder and owner of that mystery tower is, of course, Trump. "Donald Trump" garnered 250% of the search interest that the other nine two-word phrases generated combined.

For those understandably unable to endure the full two minutes (implicit Core America) hate that is this year end tribute, there was no mention, reference, or allusion to Trump anywhere in the video.


CROM said...

It's as though the causes of the tragedies are all phantoms or natural disasters. We get footage of solidarity demonstrations in France. We get tears and hugs. But we don't get any indication of what caused it. Just an act of Nature? No. The insinuation is more sinister. We aren't listening to Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner's advice. So we suffer for our many sins.

Dan said...

Off topic but related:

The left is enthused by Obama's 'executive gun control', which seems to be relatively. I was listening to NPR and the disconnect with reality is astonishing.

The rate of gun sales is just tremendous with Obama the number one gun salesman in world history. Apparently the average American gun-owning household now owns more than eight guns.

And yet on NPR they talk about the need to have stronger voices to 'win the argument.' Somehow, the reality on the ground never enters into the discussion.

Dan said...

"Obama's 'executive gun control' which seems to be relatively *weak*"

Audacious Epigone said...

The walls are crumbling everywhere, but the gates are still standing, and the gatekeepers are carrying on as though people still have to go through those gates to get past the walls. Meanwhile, people are streaming past the gates without paying the gatekeepers any mind.