Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Flight from White, part XLI

From a recent NBC/WSJ poll:

We see that 11% of the survey sample is from a Hispanic-speaking background. When the subsequent question about racial self-identification is asked, respondents are given four options to choose from: White, Black, Asian, or Other.

However, 6% refused to pick one of the four options provided and instead volunteered "Hispanic" as an answer. Most Hispanics consider the term to be more than just a linguistic or ethnic identifier, they also consider it to be a racial one.

Without being prompted to think of "Hispanic" in racial terms, more than half the Hispanics surveyed asserted that they were racially Hispanic. How many smug SWPLs who bray about how "'Hispanic' is not a race!" will call Hispanics out on their ignorance?

The putative privilege of whiteness is a cross no one wants to bear.


Anonymous said...

No shit. Some of my classmates at school were the sons and daughters of the Latin American elite, and some of my father's colleagues at work are the Latin American elite themselves. Here's why they identify as Latino, even though all of them have 75-100% White ancestry.

1. Race is both a social and a biological construct. Generally speaking you're Black then you're Black and if you're Asian then you're Asian. But, Latino is a social group made up of people whose family members have lived in any Spanish or Portuguese speaking country in the Western hemisphere. You can be 100% White and be Latino. You can be 100% Black and be Latino. You can be 100% Native South American and be Latino. You can even be triracial and be Latino.

2. Affirmative action is still legal. Get rid of affirmative action and the victim totem pole and you will get rid of White Latinos pretending to be Colored.

GoyGoyGoy said...

Call it the Jorge Ramos phenomenon. Steve Sailer features these nordic looking "hispanics" on a fairly regular basis. The same incentives that exist at the top are there in the middle and the bottom. In no context is being Other detrimental, so if you can claim it, you do. Jews do the same thing.

Dan said...

I recall when preppy kid from my high school whose tests and grades were ok but not terrific announced he was going to Harvard. We all knew where we ranked with respect to one another. I, with much better grades and test scores, had my Harvard rejection in hand.

How did this happen? Hispanic... the word got around. What? Him? He's not Hispanic is he?

Patrick Aquino

You be the judge.

Yeah, I still remember...

Dan said...

Audacious Epigone said...

A surname ending in O or Z is a recognized victim status guarantee! IIRC George Zimmerman's mother's maiden name was Mesa. If he'd adopted that name, would his have become a household one? It's not just a good luck charm, it's also body armor.

Anonymous said...


Your former classmate looks castizo.