Saturday, December 26, 2015

Blacks guarantee Sanders can't win the Democratic nomination

A couple of months ago, after having a rally shutdown by a couple of fat negresses, Bernie Sanders continued to prostrate himself in front of the country in the hopes of mollifying the BLM crowd:

If Sanders gets the VP spot on the Democrat side, Trump would be remiss in not leveraging the clip above into the ultimate Sailer Strategy Supplement:
The only long-term option for the Republicans, the de facto white party, is to rebrand the Democrats as the de facto black party.
Despite his pusillanimous capitulation to BLM bullying, black America has no use for a Jewish carpetbagging crank from lily white Vermont. The breakdown in support among black Democrats in the latest Ipsos/Reuters 5-day rolling tracking poll:

Through the month of December, Sanders' support among black Democrats has been even lower than it had been in previous months. From the summer, when I/R began daily tracking for the 2016 election, through December 24th, Hillary leads Sanders among black Democrats 72.9%-16.0%, an advantage approaching the advantage Democrat candidates have over Republicans in the general election, and strikingly similar to the black advantage Obama enjoyed over Hillary in 2008.

It's easy to forget that Hillary beat Obama handily among whites, 56%-44%, and among Hispanics, 64%-36%, in the 2008 Democrat primaries. But she was trounced among the most monolithic voting bloc in the US and that cost her the election. Blacks backed Obama, 85%-15%.

Hillary learned the hard way that there is no winning the Democrat nomination without dominating the black vote. White liberals are simply not going to vote en masse against a candidate that black Democrats support (that would be Racist!--it if did occur, it would signal an enormous fissure in the Fringe Coalition), and black Democrats all vote for the same person. So whoever that person is gets the nomination. In 2016, that person is Hillary.

Parenthetically, here's Trump on BLM.


Joshua Sinistar said...

Bernie just goes on and on about economics and taxes. Hillary just says she'll give them what they want like their Momma. Bernie just can't seem to grasp how dumb blacks are and his economic talk goes right past them. They want Santa Claus not justice, GEEK.

Audacious Epigone said...

Their idea of justice is all who? whom? From them, to us.