Thursday, November 12, 2015

Trump on Mizzou

Killer instincts:

Bernie Sanders, aka the blacks' bitch (even though they'll never vote for him), put out a statement saying "it's time to address structural racism on college campuses." Hillary Clinton at least had the sense to maintain a degree of separation and merely retweeted a staffer who wrote "racism has no place anywhere, let alone an institution of learning". Carson, to his credit, bandied about the awkward phrase "politically correct police", in this context referring to the 'activists' and not to tongue-tied cops. Both ¡Jabe! and Rubio, put in the uncomfortable position of having to react extemporaneously, unsurprisingly had no comment.

Narrative Collapse is already occurring. It feels hyperbolic to even use the word "collapse" because the accusations are so petty:

- An alleged fecal swastika on a restroom wall for which there is no evidence of its existence other than the assertion of one black 'activist' (He didn't have a cell phone to take a picture? The immaculate defecation!)

- A drama queen who fabricated a UFO KKK sighting.

- A drunk guy muttering a racial slur (standard fare in the realm of black entertainment).

- Some loser over an hour away making empty threats, anonymously, on the internet (who ever heard of crazy things being said anonymously on the internet?!)

Meanwhile, those not usually tuned in to the goings on in Columbia might be surprised to hear that over the last several months there have been several instances of white MU students being severely beaten by blacks in and around the campus.

As Columbia is less than two hours away my anecdotes may be skewed, but the reactions to these pathetic resignations I've heard--even from SWPLs I know--underscores the sense that we really are beginning to see the inchoate stirrings of white consciousness in the US. Comment sections on all the articles I've read corroborate this. It is a predictable consequence of demographic change and the dispossession that accompanies it.


Anonymous said...

It appears that the scheisstika actually did happen:

jager said...

Once again, Trump is the one who says what needs to be said clearly and without frailty. People in the media have to distance themselves from his words. But normal people (i.e. everyone else) is happy to hear that someone is still sane out there.

Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks. It raises more questions than it answers. Why no photos? Did the cop suspect it was a "smelt it, dealt it" incident?

Whatever the specific details, the thrust of the MU hysteria being a tempest in a teapot is unchanged.


A couple of months ago Trump said "Paris isn't Paris anymore". Prescience.