Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The "I" word

During the fourth Republican presidential debate, Fox News flashed a word chart in which the size of words corresponded to the alleged concern about the words, the larger the words the greater the alleged concern and the smaller the words the lesser the alleged concern.

Conspicuously missing was a term that, according to Google Trends over the last month, has garnered more search interest than any of the putative top four concerns on people's minds has.

ImmigrationTaxesHomeland SecurityCampaign Finance, and Size of Government


the old smokin' man said...

What if the concern over immigration reflects concern over future increases in taxation? Add them together.

jackson said...

Zuckerberg probably had them group in "immigration" with "Homeland Security," neutralizing the immigration question and morphing it into a dog whistle about those mysterious white supremacist domestic terror groups they're always bringing up.

Audacious Epigone said...


It's hard enough to see the lines of the next three issues as is. They'll be even more difficult to see if we do that.


Yes, it almost had to have been combined with Homeland Security. That is the largest phrase shown on the screen, yet as Google Trend reveals, if Immigration and Homeland Security were grouped together, Immigration must have comprised about 98% of the searches and Homeland Security about 2%. Despite that the category shown was simply "Homeland Security".

Russia and Ukraine were grouped together even though "Russia" and "Ukraine" are searched up much, much more than "Russia and Ukraine" or some iteration of the two together. Even showing "Immigration and Homeland Security" as a single category would've been misleading, but at least there would've been plausible deniability by Fox/Facebook. As is, it's blatantly obvious that an attempt was made to bury the topic of immigration.

the old smokin' man said...

And Fox Business News buries immigration as part of the Republican establishment's support of cheaper labor (as opposed to the Democrats' welcoming new voters) with the added bonus of avoiding charges of racism by their PC media buddies. Good call.