Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New York Times effect on man

From an op-ed in the NYT comes this line:
It feels like the terrorists have flung open a door and burst into a room with a dense, uncomfortable atmosphere, packed with people ready to succumb to hysteria at the slightest trigger.
Coordinated attacks that killed at least 129 people and injured far more as they engaged in regular social activities qualifies as "the slightest trigger". Chill out, people, no big deal!

A couple of student body members being bullied into stepping down because they refused to stand in solidarity with the largely fabricated and picayune grievances that caused top MU administrators to resign, however, is certainly not evidence of succumbing to hysteria at "the slightest trigger", however.

Western civilization is sick, very sick. We await a terminal diagnosis.


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No Western Civilization has very sick elites.

Fine by me. The untested progs crumple at the slightest touch, we men will still be here.