Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Middle America, this is what your sons are dying for

Today's Google doodle:

Racial characteristics compared (from 2014 US Census data):

Google more than doubles black and Hispanic representation and inflates Asian representation by a factor of almost ten. Even the obligatory stodgy old whites are shown to the sides and at a distance. Everyone wins! Well, except for American Indians, it must be conceded. Regrettable. Looks like Silicon Valley is indeed in need of more diversity training.

Sexual characteristics compared:

Girl power x7!

The distributions showing who has made the ultimate sacrifice would be even more retrograde than the demographic distributions of actual veterans, who--to our great shame!--do not look enough like America.

As we remember Jesus, so they will remember us.

Parenthetically, yes, the hand-waving man is Asian, probably Filipino. Here's a close up. The eyes confirm it:


tanabear said...

Google decides to honor the Village People on Veterans Day. Go figure...

Anonymous said...

How the heck do you get to the conclusion that he's Filipino?

tytyt said...

of fuck off anonymous

elmer t. jones said...

In addition to the absurd SF beret the woman on the left is wearing, notice she is also an amputee.

It's not that they are featuring POC, it's that they smugly think it's their place to condescend us while assuming the moral high-ground. All as a distraction from their diversity problem, which would not be a problem if they would simply tell the SJWs what to do with themselves. But instead they join in with accusing everyone else of not being diverse enough.

Dan said...

"In addition to the absurd SF beret the woman on the left is wearing, notice she is also an amputee."

Good point. Almost total fabrication since women are only now getting direct combat roles. Male amputees / female amputees (due to military service) has to be something like 1000 to 1.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, astute observation. Thanks.

Santoculto said...


sucker conservs ;)