Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's the immigration, stupid

Polling on immigration often appears to be all over the place. Wording is crucial. When the choices are "deport everyone" and "secure the border and then offer a path to citizenship", the Cathedral can manufacture headlines to try and create an illusion of amnesty as a political winner. When the questions are more objectively designed, it becomes clear that restrictionism is the populist position.

Over the summer, Reuters approached the issue in the most straightforward manner I've ever come across. In terms of fleshing out public sentiment, the approach is bar none. Respondents were asked about what should be done with illegal immigrants in the US. Only two committal answers--"deport most or all of them" and "allow most or all of them to stay"--along with a third "unsure" cop-out option, were offered as responses.

Reuters' interactive polling application allows for cross tabular data to be presented in graphical form, too.

First, the country as a whole:

Most people still prefer US to be a nation of laws

This is strikingly similar to the results from a recent poll on the Obama/Ryan plan to wave in 10,000 Syrian refugees.

The racial differences are stark. Whites:

Most whites would like to have a country


The only known issue for which black opinion is not monolithic


¡Solidaridad etnica!

Asian results are inaccessible due to insufficient sample size.

Drilling down a little further reveals why Trump's bold candidacy announcement and his incorrigible refusal to yield an inch in the intervening months--choosing instead not only to stand his ground but to advance forward--has been a political masterstroke. Fortunately, it also substantially increased the odds that Western civilization will survive the 21st century.

White Republicans (pardon the redundant adjective):

Flavor text source here.

To show this isn't a cherry-picked artifice, data for the entire month are included. September 10th was selected above because it was end date of the 5-day polling period with the highest number of respondents over the period Reuters administered the survey question.


ADog said...

The only known issue for which black opinion is not monolithic


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with deportation of all or most illegals. I believe in the rule of law, so rule-breakers deserve consequences. Illegal immigrant are breaking the law, so it's only fair that they get deported.

That being said, I have a huge issue with why some people want to deport illegals. I believe that Donald Trump himself has good intentions. I believe that he just wants people to obey the law, and for US citizens to have more job opportunities. However, many of his supporters have less than stellar motivations. If you go onto the extremist white supremacist sites, many muppets there only want the colored illegals gone; if 10 million whites were to illegally immigrate to the u.s. then they would enthusiastically welcome them.

For me, race exists, but race is not all-important. I despise rule-breaking whites just as much as I despise rule-breaking hispanics. I believe in the rule of law, that u.s. citizens deserve to have more job opportunities, and that overcrowding leads to the degradation of the environment. One one side I have do deal with dumbass left wingnuts who want to let in more hispanic hordes; on the other side I have to deal with dumbass right wingnuts who think that race matters more than the rule of law, job opportunities for u.s. citizens, and environmental issues.

Audacious Epigone said...


To put it crassly but not inaccurately, I want colored illegals gone but have no problem with more legal whites being allowed in. Rule of law gets better, job opportunities do too, and environmentalism is viable. NAMs don't care about environmental issues, macro or micro (littering for example). It's entirely a white cause.

Anonymous said...


But what about white illegals? They don't make the rule of law better, and immigrants of any kind, even the white ones, are competition for u.s. citizens who wish to work.

Even legal white immigrants are not a good idea on a large scale. If you let in enough immigrants, even if they are all white, the unemployment rate will see a net rise and natural resources will be stretched to the limit. THIS is why I am not a racial nationalist.

I favor the deportation of all illegals, both white and colored. The white ones have to go so that I can piss off the pro-white racists; the colored ones have to go so that I can piss off the anti-colored racists. Legal immigration of any kind must be curtailed because I care more about the unemployment rate and the environment than I care about any race.

Santoculto said...

A question teacher,

why THEY ''think'' THEY can decide about the life of OTHER (white, specially) COUNTRIES*****

Anonymous said...

Another appearance in such data of the USA's "30% Core Left-Wing Whites"...The same percentage as consistently say they approve of Obama (among other positions).

Who are these 30%? Those with Jewish ancestry probably form 10% of this group (a much larger share of its leadership, as we know). The other 90%? We can make a few reasonable guesses. Higher education is a factor here, mixed inextricably in with status competition, a concept lots of people talk "around" but which is hard to precisely pin down. AE, you probably have lots of data on this in your vast archives.

I suppose that most of us reading this (by merit of self-selection to be reading political material -- and data analyses thereof -- online at all) probably know people of this type personally. I myself have heard in the past days no fewer than three White people state, "I've never met a single Trump supporter. Who *are* they?" Hmm... Paging Dr. Charles Murray...

Audacious Epigone said...


Who are these 30%?

Bernie Sanders supporters. That's not intended to be flippant. I think it's a concise, mostly accurate answer.