Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Death by Kasich

A recent Associated Press headline reads "Democratic insiders rate Rubio, Kasich as tough to beat, not Trump or Carson". The AP asked Democratic superdelegates who they thought potentially presented Hillary Clinton her toughest electoral challenge. Rubio came out on top with 37%. Kasich was second at 26%, and ¡Jabe! was third with 20%. Trump got just 9%.

Kasich was managing director of Lehman Brothers when it collapsed. He is a caricature of everything that is wrong with the contemporary Republican party. He even figured out how to be booed at the most recent GOP debate. He's an uglier, more grating, less successful version of Mitt Romney--exactly the wrong kind of person to garner the middle American support essential for Republicans to have a shot (here's Trump channeling the sentiments of just about everyone who knows who Kasich is).

The attempt to propel Kasich and amnesty point man Rubio to the top is nakedly self-serving. The goodwill electoral advice offered to Republicans from Democratic insiders is about as genuine as the advice that Hispandering is the way to go. If the GOP listens to what we say they are sure to beat us, but we can't help but be helpful anyway!

Fortunately, Ipsos-Reuters' interactive polling explorer allows a check on these presumably self-serving assertions made by Democratic insiders. Here are the results from the most recent rolling 5-day period on who among those voting for Obama in 2012 would vote for on the Republican side if they had to vote for someone:

And here is the same for those who self-describe as political independents:

Nationalism (or citizenism) has broad appeal. The Establishment really, really hates that.


sykes.1 said...

Went she was in college, my daughter waited tables at a restaurant frequented by Kasich and his then girl friend, now wife. They both were bad customers, very demanding, always complaining, impolite to the staff and cooks and very stingy tippers. Privileged elitists.

Anonymous said...

I almost could not believe that headline. John Kasich is a national nobody. It would be like Republican delegates saying they thought O'Malley is the one they fear most in the general.

Dan said...

I noted previously that the IQ sort has knock-on effects on homicide rate, but it is starker than even I imagined.

From NPR ---->

And as Atlanta Police Chief George Turner told NPR's Audie Cornish, another common thread emerged:

"We were able to look at all of our victims and also our perpetrators or suspects of homicides for 2015 in our city. And there was only one individual who has been arrested for felony murder finished high school, and only three of the victims that finished high school. And so when you look at the victims and then you look at the perpetrators, they look the same. They're challenged with having educational skills and also working ability that they can go out and get a legitimate job."

Joshua Sinistar said...

If poverty caused crime wouldn't Mother Theresa have been a serial killer? IQ is obviously genetic. You can put blacks in a Billion dollar School and they're still just retards. Slavery, Segregation, Colonialism, White Privilege, blah, blah, blah. Tell it to the hand.
Americans only come in White. Only White people care about rights and freedom. Even those supposedly smarter Far Eastern Oriental Asians live in dictatorships. Western Civilization is White Supremacy. Anybody who says different is either a liar or a fool.

Audacious Epigone said...

Dan's story here.

countenance said...

Could this be pure concern trolling on the part of Democrats? Perhaps.

But I also know these people live in bubbles. Don't consider it beyond the realm of possibility that in-bubble Democrats actually do have a real mortal fear of Rubio and Kasich.