Sunday, November 22, 2015


Today, Trump tweeted:

And on facebook posted:

Whatever his buildings are worth, his Overton Window is worth much, much more.

Parenthetically, AE is now active on twitter.


Audacious Epigone said...

The graphic is goofy. It's not intuitive at first blush, and once it is comprehended, it raises questions like what about Asians? Is it only for the San Francisco area, which recorded a whopping 45 total homicides in all of 2014? At a national level, blacks certainly crush blacks, but not to the degree depicted here.

On the other hand, being imprecise while still getting the thrust correct draws even more attention to it. As far as courting the silent majority goes, this is gold.

Anonymous said...

AE... while the stats maybe questionable, any media member who wishes to correct him is forced to report the real stats, which are also likely to be very politically incorrect. That's why I think this will be online outrage material only... you won't see NBC posting the real stats. Too tough on the narrative.

IHTG said...

The upper half of the bottom image shows a segment of the West Bank barrier, not one of Israel's international border fences. A bit problematic in that Trump could be accused of implying that Mexicans are to be treated as a hostile, occupied people.

sykes.1 said...

Trump is running a propaganda campaign, and it is right on target. Quibble all you want, he is winning that war hands down.

Unknown said...

I don't know where Trump got his numbers, but they appear to be bogus. According to 2014 FBI Crime Statistics:

About 81% of murdered whites were killed by other whites and about 15% by blacks. For blacks, 90% were murdered by other blacks and 8% by whites. (I tried to copy the original table from the FBI report, but the format got jumbled. Click on the link to view it.)

Not sure where Trump came up with his numbers, but he certainly has the resources to get it right; and he should be aware that the corrupt MSM will pounce on any erroneous data.

Anonymous said...

I think that's a retweet. in any event, its about status, not the numbers so much, or else you get the same thing with people arguing that car accidents are worse than terrorist attacks. I'm willing to say that blacks have a right to be more concerned when other blacks are killed by white police officers, but if that is always wrong(Darren Wilson having no legitimate right to defend himself, or to uphold the law in his community), then the answer is segregation.

Sam said...

The first graphic reminded me of this:

Audacious Epigone said...


Right. Trump (or whoever is actively managing his social media presence, who I assume if not Trump himself is someone especially close, maybe one of his sons) is firing these things off with rapidity, like once per hour, so they're not going through the standard political vetting process. That's a feature rather than a bug. We need more candor.

Anyway, it might be a consequence of that, or it could be a well-laid trap for trap. Pointing out where it is off the mark means drilling down into FBI crime data and... yikes!


Good point, thanks. That could be part of the same formula he is running with the crime graphic--make the thrust correct but the details off as a way of drawing more attention to it.

That's 1%er information, though. For most Republicans who officially love immigration as long as it is legal!, and who are apprehensive about something as conspicuous as a wall, realizing that Israel has a legit wall is gold. Israel's great! Let's take a page from Israel's playbook!


Between FB and Twitter he has 10 million followers. He is leveraging the hell out of social media. Whenever I'm sent some "now he's done it" article from the NYT or Buzzfeed, by the time I've looked at it and then gone to check in with Trump, he's already addressed it. A huge difference between Trump and Buchanan over 20 years ago is that Trump can almost effortlessly bypass the media gatekeepers and reframe everything to his own advantage.


Right. If 85% of whites were killed by blacks, the rate of interracial violence would be on the order of 50:1. It's somewhere in the 3-8:1 range. The concept can be knotty. Derb elucidates here.

It is worth noting that the data appear to refer to the San Francisco area. Lots of wealthy whites there, with Oakland just across the bay, so the disparities are probably greater than they are at the national level.


Interesting take, thanks.


Subtle... it is not.

Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for being factually incorrect. I criticize feminists, socialists, and anti-white racists all the time for being incorrect, so I have to hold the idiots on the other side to the same standard. trump does not get a free pass. you do not get a free pass. no one gets a free pass.

that being said, trump himself is not my enemy, even though he has done immoral things. his supporters are my enemies. they are just as dangerous as the "black lives matter" blockheads.

Dan said...

I'd like to see Trump take more care. If he is going to win over some elites, which he would have to do, he has to be better sourced. His punches would be stronger if he just gets real data which itself is valuable. The chart says 2015, but 2015 FBI data would not even be out yet, which indicates that this is probably not real data.

Blact Death said...

OTOH, here are the numbers from Indianapolis (58% white, 28% black):

131 homicides as of November 15, 2015 -

43 of those homicides were a black victim - black assailant
4 of those homicides were a black victim - white assailant
54 of those homicides were a black victim - unknown assailant
18 of those homicides were a white victim - white assailant
14 of those homicides were a white victim - black assailant
5 of those homicides were a white victim - unknown assailant.

Note that black-on-white homicides exceed white-on-black homicides by a factor of 3.5. Also, the majority of black victims were done in by "unknown assailant" - for whites, only 14% were unknown. This probably reflects the reluctance of the black community to "snitch," whether out of fear or solidarity (or both). Better to let the black people who terrorize their community by murdering other black people get away with it.

This all came to light because of the recent murder of Amanda Blackburn, a white pregnent pastor's wife, by a black gangster-thug.

Audacious Epigone said...


Getting the thrust of something correct but getting the specifics wrong is different than asserting the opposite of reality to be true. "Men have more upper body strength than women. They can naturally bench 3x as much as women" is, technically, as far off the mark as "There is no difference in upper body strength between men and women. They can bench the same", because the reality is, on average, men can bench about twice what women can.


Ideally, so would I, but he's one of these guys who goes a mile a minute and sleeps for 4 hours a night. He has a knack for distilling the essence of something quickly, but probably gets bored drilling down into the minute specifics. If his instincts are great (and since I started paying attention to the guy several months ago, they are incredible), he can delegate the details.

What is so encouraging about this is that Trump, who spends a lot less time thinking about these sorts of the things than you or I do, came across something his experience/lying eyes told him was reasonable and even though he had to have recognized it would cause a shitstorm, he had no problem putting it out there. He has a ZFG attitude when it comes to political correctness of any kind.

Black Death,

To fit the graphic, that's (ignoring unknowns):

Whites killed by whites ~~ 46%
Whites killed by blacks ~~ 54%
Blacks killed by whites ~~ 9%
Blacks killed by blacks ~~ 91%

That is much more in line with the national numbers than the graphic posted is.

Regarding unsolved murders, yes, most are almost certainly black perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

Some have been saying that Trump is a master of this game and deliberately posted a graphic with quasi-false information to deliberately provoke the Left Wing media to talk about the issue to "correct" him.

white hasbara said...

In America the police classifies Hispanics and other mestizos as whites , that is why the statistics "reveal" that 85% of white are killed by other whites

In 2005 the New Century Foundation published an expanded edition of the report "The Color of Crime", addressing the various problems with official statistics on the relationship between crime and race in America. Among them, often "Latinos" are included as whites, and are not considered the percentage of each race within the population