Saturday, October 10, 2015

Princess Paul Henson

My sons will be kings, and not because they'll (necessarily!) be Newtons, standing on the shoulders of proverbial giants. They will appear prodigious because everywhere they go there will be dwarves standing all around them.

Absentee fathers are becoming the American norm. Seeing this sort of flamboyant dishonor shows that even where dads are still around, the rot often runs deep.

As a man, the second greatest thing in life is having someone who will die for you. The greatest thing
is having someone you won't hesitate to die for. Every man is someone's son. He should be so fortunate to have such a father. And for every man worthy of being called a father, trading your own life for your son's should be as automatic as breathing. Unless you're really just a couple of play sisters, that is.

Parenthetically, indulging a child in this sort of stuff being irresponsible aside, the glorification that accompanies it would appear, to an alien who just landed here, ridiculously arbitrary. What if the kid wanted to be Barack Obama? Would a toddler in blackface elicit similar virtue-signalling celebrations? Would dad say "keep your race bullshit" to the SJW-types who'd be triggered by a parent encouraging a white kid to dress up as a black man? Gender is less arbitrary than race is, yet while very few people would "like" a little white kid pretending to be black, they'll rah-rah when a little boy pretends to be a girl.

There is a silver lining here, though. It shows us that while we might focus on what separates us from Pashtun goatherds in Afghanistan, we have more in common with them than we might think we do!

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Anonymous said...

Save the Halloween costume for when they become a teenager and go through the phase of idolizing ghetto thug hip hop culture. Let someone from the streets get in their face,set them straight and let them realize who they really are.