Monday, September 21, 2015

Vice president Cruz

Steve Sailer writes:
Trump’s VP possibilities include Fiorina to attack Hillary and Romney as a Republican who is ready to step in as President in case of tragedy.
Ted Cruz strikes me as the most likely pick.

- His voice has been conspicuously absent from the attack Trump candidate chorus, even when there has been almost nothing to lose from piling on. Cruz even refrained from going after Trump following his assertion that being captured by your enemy doesn't necessarily indicate heroism.

- The two held a dual rally condoning the Iran deal.

- Cruz is Hispanic. So an affluent, well educated white Cuban who can't speak Spanish doesn't win identity points with semi-literate Mexican peasants? That's not the point. The point is to make whites feel better about supporting a guy who continues to pledge that he'll shut down illegal border crossings on the day he is sworn in, and having a Hispanic senator from a border state on the ticket helps accomplish that.

- Legislatively, Cruz has been better than anyone else in the GOP field on immigration.

- His approach and demeanor serve as counterbalances to Trump's. Trump is bombastic, pugilistic, dismissive, and condescending. Cruz is measured, genteel, and wonkish.

One thing working against Cruz as vice president is the issue of eligibility. Cruz was born in Canada. Given Trump's previous vociferous skepticism regarding Obama's eligibility, that could present a problem.

Parenthetically, descending into this level of celebrity political gossip makes me queasy, but it can't be said emphatically enough that the Trump phenomenon is the most consequential political occurrence in my lifetime with regard to the effects it has had on mainstream accessibility to and receptivity of the ideas that animate the dissident right.

Specifically, his candidacy has done two great things:

1) Provided a real life example--example after example, really--of how to respond to the cultural Marxists when they come for blood in response to a disparaging remark against some designated sacred group or concept. The formula he's running is to stick up a middle finger with one hand and throw a right hook with the other. Nothing apologetic. On multiple occasions, extending back to his initial campaign announcement, the subsequent narrative has been "he's gone too far! Now he's done!" and every time it hasn't just been overstated, the opposite has occurred--he's drawn more attention and support. When it comes to political correctness, he's a single-man wrecking ball. A lot of water is going to flow from behind the floodgates that he is busting open.

2) He's made ending illegal immigration the centerpiece of his campaign. His official platform position on immigration is, almost literally, incredible for a serious presidential campaign in 2015 America. Though he spouts the conventional elite opinion on legal immigration, the reality is that there is now the real possibility of an Israeli-style border barrier between the US and Mexico being constructed. Things have come a long way since the lonely songs sung by Tom Tancredo.


Anonymous said...

As an addendum to your second point, Trump has legitimized the entire concept of economic nationalism; America first. Saying no to amnesty and limiting legal immigration so we're not importing our own work competition is part of that, but so is restricting trade deals to ones that strictly benefit America. Together, that's heady stuff that is very popular across parties when you break down the polling, but never shows up as a political option among parties or candidates. Whatever happens to Trump, that will be hard to stuff back into the toothpaste tube now that it's out.

Anonymous said...

If he picks Cruz or any of those puppets he'll lose a hell of a lot of votes. Look for him to pick a non-politician, like himself.

Audacious Epigone said...


Whatever happens to Trump, that will be hard to stuff back into the toothpaste tube now that it's out

Exactly. Trump deserves accolades for what he's already accomplished irrespective of what comes from him going forward.


Could be the case. But the GOP establishment doesn't like Cruz much. He isn't on the short list of beneficiaries from donors to Walker's dead campaign, but Fiorina is.

Anonymous said...

Oprah! ! ! God help us that he does not revisit that !

Anonymous said...

Great piece,esp last points.

Anonymous said...

Goldmann-Sachs is behind Cruz.

Anonymous said...

Audacious Epigone said...


Does that tweet have anything to do with Cruz other than some cheerleading among the responses?

Anonymous said...

The "anti-politician" part seemed relevant.

Audacious Epigone said...

It is a tough sell for a professional politician to make though!

DPG said...

Condoning -> Condemning

Anonymous said...

Point being that non-politician Trump, owing much of his current political success to his non-pol status, will be more inclined to pick another non-pol. More inclined than any presidential candidate in our lifetimes. I dread him making the mistake Reagan made in 80 (Bush 1) but more and more confident that he is aware of Cruz' phoniness and is only playing nice to grab his supporters.

anon said...

trump is only as significant as you say if he wins and while its fun to dream is really unlikely. if he loses things will return to normal.