Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trump: Paris doesn't look like Paris anymore

Last week, the following headline involving Donald Trump made me cringe "Trump: We have to accept migrants here because they're living in hell in Syria". "Oh shit, here it is," I thought.

Shame on me for not giving the man a little more credit:

After watching the segment it's clear that the headline was oversold clickbait. He made nothing close to a serious commitment, said he "hate[d] the concept of it", noted how many other countries were avoiding taking in any refugees at all, expressed reservations about security, etc (and the following day he even walked back his non-committal affirmative response).

Then, encouragingly, he insists on alluding to Europe's changing demographics as Bill O'Reilly attempts to move the discussion on. "Europe is becoming a much different place", "Paris doesn't look like Paris anymore", and "I'm not sure that's what [Europeans] want" are bold statements from a serious presidential candidate in 2015.

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Fitz said...

Oreilly is such a load. Dont know why he's so popular. Too damn self righteous for his own good.