Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Liar, liar burning man on fire

Via Steve Sailer, an article about Burning Man that poignantly illustrates the inanity that inherently accompanies empirical illiteracy. The data are often there if only journalists--journalists!--could be bothered to make a little time to do some, uh, journalistic research:
Black burners are not an abstract concept for Harvey: “My family is half black,” he said. “I see black people! And they’re here. Though I got a lot of criticism for once saying, ‘Well I don’t think black people like to camp’.” Harvey’s comment drew nervous laughter from other Burning Man staff and members of international media at a press conference before the Guardian’s interview.


“At a certain point, [a diversity consultant] made a speech which was pro forma, which I didn’t know was the speech she always made, about the racial question. I said ‘Well, I don’t think black folks like to camp as much as white folks!’ And she said ‘You son of a bitch!’”
In 1993, the GSS asked respondents if they had been "camping, hiking, or canoeing" in the last year. Until 2000, the survey only included three broad racial categories. The percentages who responded in the affirmative, by race (n = 1,593):


Whites were over four times more likely than blacks were to report having gone camping, hiking, or canoeing. Larry Harvey's statement "I don't think black folks like to camp as much as white folks"--the one that drew cursing from a 'diversity consultant'--is very obviously true. That we see no effort at investigating the veracity of the assertion in an article over 1,000 words long, in which the express purpose is reporting the utterance of said assertion, speaks volumes about the state of contemporary 'professional' journalism in the West. In short, it's a joke.

Cultural Marxists such as this diversity consultant creature are the antitheses of knowledge and truth.

GSS variables used: CAMPING(1-2), RACE


JayMan said...

Burning Man is a quintessential WEIRDO thing. Not only are there few non-Whites there, I doubt you'll find many non-WEIRDO Whites there.

This goes for the great outdoors in general (well, I can't call the WEIRDO/rest of Europe split there).

Saint Louis said...

There could be some other things going on here besides merely not liking camping. I imagine a higher percentage of blacks lives in urban areas where going camping is probably a bit more difficult. I also would guess that blacks have lower income and wealth than whites on average, and so may not have the money to buy the necessary equipment. Still, though, I think you (and Harvey) are correct. I doubt even the explanations I just listed would account for a 4 to 1 ratio.

Audacious Epigone said...

Saint Louis,

I'm skeptical that the explanation goes very far. Camping, hiking, and even canoeing are exceptionally cheap vacation/getaway options--about as cost-effective as it gets. A serviceable tent costs a night or two at a hotel, and then you're set forever. Bring your own food instead of going to restaurants, etc. Float trips cost almost nothing, canoe rental is about it. The outer limit on drive time necessary to find a place to camp is less than an hour just about everywhere. I bet the explanation is much more a cultural one than it is economic/logistical.

Chris McFarland said...

I think the best explanation is also the simplest one. Camping simply isn't much fun.

Jokah Macpherson said...

Actual conversation I had at work once:

Visitor: So, do you guys recycle around here?

Jokah: No, my boss is black, so we don't worry about that nonsense.

...wait, how do I still have a job???