Thursday, September 17, 2015


Trump sticking his hand out for a high five and ¡Jabe! eagerly complying with all the intensity of a prepubescent sixth grade football player lining up for his first snap on his face probably qualifies as a shit (or compliance) test that the governor failed. Then, feeling that he had momentarily gained Trump's approval, ¡Jabe! goofily reacts to Trump's quip with "that was a good one". He instinctively submitted. He couldn't help himself.

This exchange, standing on his tippie toes for the group photo, unsuccessfully demanding Trump "apologize to my wife"--¡Jabe! was really trying to put Trump in his putative place but ¡Jabe! isn't made of stern enough stuff. Consequently he came off looking like an inept try-hard every time.


Heartiste elucidates (the comments are great, too).


Anonymous said...

Jeb brings to mind Turgenev's Superfluous Man.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Hefe Jeb Boosh probably still believes that its Trump who's the joke. The Bubble these fools are living in is like a strange alternate universe where reality never seems to penetrate. I hope the GOP gives the albatross of the GOP label to Hefe Boosh. The Party of Lincoln almost destroyed America and caused a lot of the problems we have today. Lincoln died and his illegitimate party needs to go to the Elephant Graveyard.

TrumpKing said...

I wish Trump would of pulled his hand away at the last second. That is the only thing that could of made it even better.

Audacious Epigone said...

Then you lose ¡Jabe!'s social submission (though it would have been funny). When he delivered the line, he was braced for an insult. Instead, he got applause and an underhanded five offer. Relieved that it went over well, he blubbered. He's not used to things like that going over well.

Steve Johnson said...

Neal Stephenson calls this "tasking" - which is the version of shit testing that men do to other men.

When the second man plays along to the script and does what's assigned he's accepted that the first guy is above him and can give him orders.

When women shit test it's to see the reaction and judge the guy's strength so it's slightly different.

Audacious Epigone said...

Someone in Heartiste's comments said it is better termed a compliance test than a shit test. Wasn't familiar with the tasking term though, thanks.