Sunday, September 20, 2015

Israeli Ann

Ann Coulter's biting mockery of the GOP debaters' paeans to Israel is another sign that her shift from mainstream right to dissident/alternative right is almost complete. As I read ¡Adios America!, I had to remind myself on multiple occasions that this is a woman who appears on cable news stations with some regularity (or at least used to until very recently). She's far more blunt and cutting in her delivery than Pat Buchanan is. She even quoted this humble epigone a couple of weeks ago. That she hasn't yet been banished to the dark corners of the public arena is miraculous (and probably helped in no small part by the Trump phenomenon).

In the book, she notes that the NRA is more successful than comparable immigration restrictionist outfits are because it lends its support entirely based on the issue it exists to fight for, while groups like NumbersUSA do everything they can to appear racially and culturally inclusive at the expense of what appeals to many restrictionists. In that spirit, she has now clearly reached the point where she sees everything through a National Question lens. In this spirit, she rhetorically asked what the point of all the Israel pandering was without a corresponding pledge to close the southern border given the coolness with which Hispanics in the US view Israel.

In its first couple decades, the GSS asked fun questions about how respondents felt about several countries. The last time the item was included was in 1994, so the responses are dated, but the following table shows mean hostility scores by ethnicity. Data are only included for ethnicities with samples of at least 150. The higher the value, the less favorably inclined respondents of each ethnicity are towards the state of Israel:

"American" only3.99
American Indian3.74

About half of those in the US who identify as ancestrally Russian are Jewish, so these amiable feelings are not surprising.

See also a post from several years ago entitled Hispanic Deluge Bad News for Jews.

GSS variables used: ETHNIC, ISRAEL


Anonymous said...

Coulter claims her innocence. She insists she “likes” Jews. Does she consider “f---ing Jews” a compliment? An expression (epithet) of love? How can she defend her choice of words and how could she even imagine marrying those words to begin with? Did she greet her father, “F---ing Father?” How does she speak to her lovers?

Moreover, Coulter is a consummate wordsmith. She knows language and is proud of her expertise. The adjective “f---ing” modifies the noun “Jews” – not panderers. Indeed, she only tweeted about “pandering” after fallout from her earlier tweets.

See “Ann Coulter’s Jewish Roots” at

Audacious Epigone said...

She is a provocateur, and she's pretty good at employing words to draw attention to the points she is trying to make.

Netanyahu calls Iran an "existential threat" to the state of Israel. That is a far more consequential misuse of language (because if Iran was actually an existential threat to country, Israel would use nuclear weapons against Iran) to draw attention with.

Anonymous said...

Tanabear: Were the Republican candidates pandering to Jewish voters, or Christian Evangelical voters though? I would say the latter is more strongly supportive of Israel.