Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Europe's getting cuckolded

From a handy interactive chart showing the flow of 'refugees' into Europe through the end of 2014 by country of origin, the median age of the populations of the four largest sources of refugees:

Syria -- 23
Iraq -- 22
Afghanistan -- 18
Somalia -- 18

And the median age of the populations of the four European nations that have most eagerly played catcher for these pitcher countries:

Germany -- 46
Sweden -- 41
France -- 41
Great Britain -- 40

Westerners, WEIRDOs that we are, tend to operate within an egalitarian democratic framework when thinking about things like population flows, but age considerations can dramatically change what the consequences of those flows are for posterity. Most (white) Europeans in these catcher countries are past the age of procreation. The new arrivals, in contrast, are stampeding in at peak fertility. These new arrivals will be reaching middle age--having long since spawned broods of their own more fortunate than the poor Kurdish boy--when those middle-aged white Europeans constituting the statistical middle referenced above start dying off.

Sure, you can have the master bedroom when I die.
Um, why are you looking at that steak knife so intently?
In other words, the median white Europeans are the new adoptive parents (and grandparents) of these third-world arrivals who don't share their language, culture, or ancestry but do share a hostility towards their language, culture, and ancestry.

Look at all this nice stuff we have for you! We don't have kids of our own, so we want you to take it! You may not have the slightest idea how to maintain what's been produced, but don't worry, there is a lot of ruin in what we've built! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm german and know that when I'm old -- in about 3 decades --, the country that I love dearly, its forests, its infrastructure, its lovely books will all go down the crapper, and this will be another third world shithole with uneducated morons running the place. The mean IQ will drop drastically, and I have already worked through several suicide methods for when things really get out of hand. Since barbiturates aren't legalized, and Switzerland will be muslim in 3 decades (i.e. no EXIT or Dignitas anymore), I at least know what to do now: use a diving mask and nitrogen, this seems the most peaceful yet legally available method. Doing this in the forest will ensure no one finds me to mutilate my corpse. Merkel and Gauck can go to hell, I hope they get brutally killed by our new "enrichers".

Anonymous said...

You could move to North America. The ascendant migrant population there, mainly from Mexico and Central America, is downright benign when compared with the migrant population in Europe. I say this having lived in Hispanic-majority locales in the U.S. as well as having lived in Europe.

Audacious Epigone said...

The US is big. There are places to go like the upper mountain states and Alaska to avoid what Germany is opening itself up for. German ethnomasochism really is something to behold.

Santoculto said...

Looks like the behavior of certain ant species who take care the fake-baby-ants (who are parasitic wasps) as if they were their precious babies, in their colonies.

fake-ant-babies exhale similar or identical smell of real baby-ants. We could make the analogy

''similar smell with ''simpathy'' ''

''a smile open doors''


Is not necessarily

''less evolved people are more psychopathic''

but also

''less conscious about their morally negative contradictions''

look perfect for the ''the noble savage profile''.