Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blacks perceive most discrimination, whites perceive least

When the blog's tagline is followed it is often accompanied by some color commentary (epigone in action), but the data (so audacious!) are of primary importance, and sometimes it's best to let them speak for themselves.

This might be interpreted as lending credence to the idea of the existence of an evasive yet seemingly ubiquitous "institutional racism", to the understanding that members of officially designated victim groups are aware of the benefits said putative victimization affords them and take advantage of it, or some combination of both.

Whatever the case, the percentages of respondents, by race, who report feeling discriminated at work due to their race or ethnicity. The question has been asked five times since 2002 so the results have contemporary relevance:

American Indian9.7%

GSS variables used: WKRACISM, RACECEN1(1)(2)(3)(4-10)(15-16)

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