Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Walla Walla, Keokuk, Cucamonga, Seattle


Heartiste offers some of his usual piercing perspicacity on the subject, specifically jjbees' commentary.


From CNN the following morning, an article entitled "Trump: Sanders 'showed such weakness' with #BlackLivesMatter protesters". Hah, so there you go.


So many fine things on display:

- The SWPL inability to directly confront anything other than the wrong kind of white person (ie, heterosexual, nuclear family-oriented, traditionalist). The hapless man in the hat, the one with a total testosterone level south of 250, verbally contests being strong-armed by a couple of fat black women for less than a minute before yielding entirely to their outrageous demands to screech.

- Speaking of supine SWPLs, the quaint Bernie Sanders is exhibit A. He showed himself to be utterly incapable of dealing with a chaotic situation as it arose in front of him, a situation that was begging for someone with an ounce of leadership to get a handle on. After a few minutes of embarrassing impotence, he slinks away pathetically.

The way Sanders conducted himself helps explain why Donald Trump is currently on fire. It's impossible to imagine Trump taking this kind of shit lying down. "Has anyone seen this woman's EBT card? She lost it and now she's grouchy because her six kids want junk food. Can we get security up here to arrest her? Her oldest child is seven, and he's at home alone in charge of his five siblings." Trump's struck a nerve because he refuses to prostrate himself on the pyre in front of these demons of degeneracy. He prefers to give them the finger instead.

Parenthetically, I'd guess that in a similar situation all the other GOP contenders would've yielded to their sacred interlopers in a fashion similar to Sanders'.

- In a disunited, disintegrating America, good faith and fair play are losing tactics. When the other GOP marionettes, bought and sold by cheap labor lobbies and threatened by race hustling shakedown artists, demure to the Establishment, they get trounced for their troubles. As this video shows, when SWPLs demure to NAMs, they too get trounced. When someone who is expected to demure spits in the eye of his putative puppet master, the size of the viewing audience trebles as he starts kicking the asses of people who have been playing this nauseating game for their entire lives!

- The Old Left's brand of soft socialism could've worked in the America of a couple generations ago, but the demographic ship has since sailed. The country is now far too diverse, too geriatric, and too barren for it to function. NAMs like these nags in Seattle don't have time for lofty rhetoric about shared burdens and the equitable public redistribution from a collective pool of prosperity. What they want is stuff taken from whites and given to them. And they want whites to be, act, and feel humiliated in the process.

Sanders is a Democratic dinosaur. It is probable that in one of the next few presidential election cycles, a "historic moment" will occur when, for the first time, the Democratic contender wins the presidency while garnering less than half of his votes from non-Hispanic whites. The following graph shows the share of Democratic votes received by voter's race in 2012:

- Blacks have valid reasons to bellyache about their dispossession in progressive cities like Seattle that are pursuing strategies whose consequences naturally force them out of town (see the video 1:20 in). Raising minimum wage rates renders large numbers of blacks unemployable. Small coincidence that liberal cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, New York, and DC have become less and less black as they've become more and more progressive.

The bullshit about diversity being strength isn't borne out by the behaviors of SWPLs who sing public paeans to it. There are lots of centralized, vibrant places where a white person can get lots of bang for his housing buck, but instead these good white folks spend five times as much per square foot to make sure they're surrounded by other SWPLs in neighborhoods as white as a klansman's utopia. We good liberals will talk about what a blessing diversity is, but you bigots in the suburbs are the ones who get to experience that blessing firsthand!

- Republican Hispandering and whatever Rand Paul's grotesque ethnomasochistic displays are called are electoral losers. It turns Core Americans off without picking up many Fringe votes.

If a way to make Hispanics and Asians hesitate to support the Democratic party exists, though, it was on full display in Seattle. Instead of condemning the interruptions, slick GOP pols should somberly nod and agree that these black bullies have valid grievances and should have a strong voice in a major US political
party after suffering for so long. Just as the Republican party is considered the de facto white party on account of winning 60%-40% among whites, Republicans should insinuate that the Democratic party is the de facto black party. After all, it wins the black vote 95%-5%. So shop-owning Koreans in LA and Hispanics with kids attending Rosa Parks High School, how about the Black party?


jjbees said...

It's simply impossible for whites to thrive when there are too many minorities around.

If we want to reach the heights of civilization, to visit the moon again, to colonize mars, to automate cars and have robots servicing all of our needs, to genetically engineer disease out of existence, we simply can't be around minorities, specifically black people.

When my family lived in an urban ghetto (us white, 99.999% of our neighbors black) one of our main worries was survival. Are the guns loaded, did you lock the doors. Oh look, your bicycle was stolen out of the garage by your next door neighbor who we invited to have dinner with us last week (no shit, it happened). Having to drive to school every morning 3 towns over to avoid a 90% minority school (and therefore not get beaten).

Then we moved to a rural town, 100% white, where I could explore in the woods, ride my bicycle around town, never get robbed or threatened or beaten, where I could read books in peace, and we left the doors unlocked at night, and my intellect could flourish and I could dream of a beautiful future and live, not merely exist in a hardscrabble fight against a mean world. I thank god my parents were smart enough to do that for me and for us.

We can spend all our national treasure letting our natural enemies make their home right next door, we can feed them, and clothe them, and let them make more and more of themselves as we dwindle and become less and less, ad infinitum, working ever harder, ever longer, just for them, until we are nothing and there is nothing more to give, and our dreams are dead forever.

Or we can just. say. no.

Anonymous said...


Not true. Maybe you are only happy in an 100% White environment, but I can thrive in a heavily non-White environment as long as I can control who the non-Whites are.

For 4 consecutive summers, my parents sent me to a camp that was 30% Jewish. It was not meant to be heavily Jewish, but it ended up being that way because it was located in a ritzy part of Connecticut where there were a ton of Jewish investment bankers. The racial demographics, as I remember them, were 60% White, 30% Jewish, 10% Asian - the people they hired to be counselors reflected the racial make up of the campers.

That camp was the best organized program I ever went to. They had an amazing array of activities and the best counselors. None of the kids were "problem children" - even the non-White kids were good kids.

If you're saying that Whites can't "visit the moon again, to colonize mars, to automate cars" if non-Whites are living in the same country as them, you're just making up pathetic excuses. And btw, if any group of people are going to have widespread robotic servants first, it's going to be the Japanese.

Ted said...

There's that "Jews aren't white" crap again.


Dan said...

If someone who was arrested for protesting desegregation all the way back in 1962, who marched on Washington with King, and who has a nearly perfect record from the NAACP gets treated like this, what hope is there for all the Internet white knights and SJWs out there when things, as they say, get real?

I don't think he lives in Vermont to flee diversity. He just lives there because the tiny constituency there was the only one in America where an actual Communist could win a seat in the Senate.

In any case, he could have cockily grabbed the mic, smiled beneficently, and explained to them who he was. But he was too flaccid to do so.

Audacious Epigone said...


Thriving in a mixed neighborhood of functional, middle-class or affluent two-parent households with children is of course attainable, but that sort of neighborhood tends to have less community cohesion/neighborliness than a homogeneous neighborhood with of intact families of means (a la Robert Putnam's now famous study). I live near Cerner, Sprint, and Garmin headquarters and consequently a lot of my neighbors are Asian (South and East). They take care of their houses as well as anyone else and we always get a reciprocated wave, but they don't tend to come outside to chat it up when my son and some of the other kids in the neighborhood are running around.

And of course NAMs are disproportionately less likely to meet the functional, two-parent household criteria.


I'm surprised there isn't more of a response from the punditry about his impotent response. This is an aspiring 'president of the free world' and he lets himself be dictated to by unserious hooligans?

Anonymous said...


Non-quantifiables don't matter to me. If you and jjbees want to live in Whites-only zip codes, you guys are entitled to that opinion. I'm just saying that I personally can be just as happy in a racially mixed neighborhood as I can in a totally White neighborhood, as long as everybody is upper middle class and there are no Blacks/Hispanics.

silly girl said...

Off topic

AE did you once do a GSS post on how the unemployed vote?

I just can't remember. And I did look.


Anonymous said...

Enough of that 55.5% consists of Jews and sundry West Asians that the number of actual Whites voting Dem is already under 50%.

And no, the Ashkenazim aren't White. Here's what one has to say on the subject in The Times of Israel:


Ian Smith said...

Dan said.....who was arrested for protesting desegregation all the way back in 1962, who marched on Washington with King, and who has a nearly perfect record from the NAACP.....

That's one side of the equation. Other side, old white man, so none of that stuff matters when #blacklivesmatter.

Anonymous said...


"I can thrive in a heavily non-White environment.... For 4 consecutive summers, my parents sent me to a camp that was 30% Jewish."

That's 90% white, i.e., a very white heavy environment. Congratulations for offering up yourself as an excellent example of EXACTLY what jjbees was talking about.

"the Ashkenazim aren't White"

There are only three categories: caucasoid (white), negroid, and mongoloid. Ashkenazi jews aren't negroid, nor mongoloid.

It's laughable that you link to the political screed Mrs. Hershkovitz wrote, when race is independent of politics.

Audacious Epigone said...

Silly girl,

No, the GSS is pretty light on questions about unemployment. In 2003, there was a question about whether or not a person had been unemployed at any time in the last year. Among those who had been, Gore won their vote in 2000 52.7%-47.3%. Among those who had not been unemployed, Bush won 60.7%-39.3% (in a hypothetical two-way race).

Anonymous said...

Wtf is this title?

Anonymous said...

"There are only three categories: caucasoid (white), negroid, and mongoloid. Ashkenazi jews aren't negroid, nor mongoloid."

Wrong. Caucasoid's are divided into different breeds. Whites and Semites are different breeds of Caucasians. So Jews are the same race as Whites, but they aren't the same as Whites. They are Semites, which is an ethnically and genetically different strain of caucasian.

Audacious Epigone said...


The Simpsons golden age, of course!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous at 8/20/15, 1:40 PM

I think what's going on is that very few people are willing to admit that race is BOTH a biological and social construct. Left wingnuts can't admit that on average, you probably share more DNA with a fellow White than you do with a Black. Right wingnuts can't admit from a totally biological perspective, Caucasian is a race, and that it includes Jews, Turks, Arabs, Iranians, Gypsies, Northern Indians, and upper middle class Whites. The truth is, race is determined by DNA and by the prevailing culture. In the United States, if you're 1% Colored, you are not White. If you have any Jewish/Turkish/Arabic/Iranian/Armenian/Gypsy ancestry, you are not White. So yes, I did have a lot of exposure (and still do) to other races when I was growing up because I have lived, gone to school, attended summer camp, and worked with tons of Jews (and a non-trivial amount of Asians).