Friday, August 14, 2015

Supine Sanders

Bernie Sanders, commenting after the Seattle event he was keynote speaker at was shutdown by a couple of fat black women:
Reporter: "What is your reaction to those protesters?"

Sanders: "Well, I think it's unfortunate because among other things I wanted to talk about the issue of black lives."
Video of the pusillanimous reaction of an aspiring 'leader of the free world':

Reiterating, SWPLs are incapable of criticizing any part of the 'mosaic' of variegated sacred objects that make up the Fringe Coalition. Sanders--aspiring leader of the free world, remember--while only ambiguously hinting that their outrageous behavior is counterproductive, is more importantly conceding that when it comes to taking control of a situation like that, his hands are tied because, after all, the protesters are black, there's nothing--NOTHING!--that can possibly be done!

The Democratic party is on the precipice of reaching majority-minority status. A pasty old enfeebled dinosaur like Sanders is a human doormat. It's a shame that someone who seems to intuitively grasp that a redistributive state needs to look like Vermont rather than California or Illinois to be viable has revealed himself to be the shambling embodiment of personified white capitulation for the 2016 presidential election.

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