Thursday, July 30, 2015

Trust no one

Digging a little deeper, it's remarkable just how little trust millennials express having in other people. The following graph shows the percentages of those under 30 years of age, those over 30 years old, and the population as a whole who assert that "most people can be trusted" on a dichotomous rendering of a question ("you can't be too careful in life" is the alternative response) that has been asked since the survey's inception in the early seventies:

While trust in others has decayed alongside social cohesion across all age groups, the decline has been especially precipitous among young adults. While expressed levels of trust among those over 30 has decreased by a bit less than one-third in the last four decades, it has been sliced to less than half of what it was among those under 30, to the point now where just 1-in-5 young adults feel that other people are worthy of their trust.

The country is coming apart at the seams. We can pretend to try and talk it over but the words come out too rough.

GSS variables used: TRUST(1-2), AGE(18-29)(30-89), YEAR


Anonymous said...

Are Millennials in a navel gazing self-absorption contest with the Boomers?

In any case here's a solution: a series of life threatening violent encounters with the usual attrition integral to such situations that will teach [survivors] the importance of first being trustworthy - so you can be trusted - then trusting others with your very life, liberty, limb and so on.

Now you can get ahead of the power curve on this by putting down the weed long enough to get into the Army [which as it happens is coming up short on the 60K newbies it needs to recruit annually at present] or you can wait for ah...the "solution" to arrive upon you completely on it's own terms.

Or you could give into your impulses and learn the above old fashioned values in prison. It's all about Honor, Trust, Loyalty in real life manhood.

Believe it or not both Course A and Course B improve your overall chances.


S a m a d h i said...

Ah yes. The most diverse generation ever.

jjbees said...

Trust and loyalty are everything nowadays (haven't they always been the most important?). It's important to have good friends to weather the storms of life.

I'd rather have 1 neville long bottom on my side than 100 draco malfoys.

Audacious Epigone said...


Small steps are better than nothing at all. I'm getting guns and learning some hand-to-hand combat.


Diversity is strength, if by strength we mean "social discord and withdrawal".


Yes, find your Agrippa (or ten).